Friday, May 1, 2015

Outfit 30/30: Flowered Tunic, Leggings & Sandals

My last April outfit: a tunic and leggings with sandals. This transition month, I kept my winter clothes out and added 20 spring pieces so I could adapt to the changing weather. It worked out great for me! I think I will do something similar in September. 

Coming up next is the list of clothes that I decided on for the next two months. It took me a little over an hour to lay them out on my bed, jot down a list, and then cross some things off and put them away. The decision process felt pretty easy this time. 

1. Black & white tank top
2. Black swing tank top
3. Johnny Cash muscle t-shirt
4. Constellation t-shirt
5. Red tunic
6. Octopus t-shirt
7. Typewriter t-shirt
8. Eagle t-shirt
9. Blue scoopneck
10. Ivory top
11. Blue plaid button-down
12. Polka dot top
13. White button-down
14. Wine t-shirt
15. Pink chambray 
16. Navy striped t-shirt
17. Purple henley
18. Pin dot button-down
19. Kimono shirt
20. Grey tunic
21. Flower tunic
22. Baseball sweater
23. Blue funnel neck sweater
24. Black and white cardigan

25. Grey shorts
26. Jean shorts
27. Cuffed capri jeans
28. Skinny jeans
29. Boyfriend jeans
30. Red skirt
31. Pleated chambray skirt

32. Boden jersey
33. Blue and white shirtdress

34. Sandals
35. Ahnu slip-ons
36. Black leather espadrilles
37. White Converse
38. Orange Converse
39. Vans S8-his
40. Black fringe ankle boots

Hopefully this weekend I'll take photos of everything. I think this is going to be a very casual, relaxed capsule - perfect for walks, flying kites, and going to the zoo.

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