Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Outfit 6/61: Constellation T-Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans & White Converse

I'm wearing my uniform again: a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Look at my face: I'm serious about loving this uniform.

Even though we just donated some toys and clothes to a charity this morning, I already found a few more things to add to our donation box (just an empty box in the garage that I gradually fill up with things we don't need anymore). A great thing about having the box in the garage is that we have a little time to make sure we don't miss that stuff before it's actually gone (okay, sometimes that's a drawback). 

This time, I ended up retrieving two toy fire trucks after my son asked for them multiple times over the last couple weeks. He also spent a while searching for them. I thought he'd forget about them, but he didn't. He has been so thrilled to have them back and has played with them constantly since they reappeared. 

I guess that's a good argument for the idea of rotating toys - packing some away and then after a couple months, get those out and pack up some different ones. Then the kids appreciate and enjoy the ones they haven't seen for a while, plus there's space to play with, ease of finding, and increased ability to focus on the ones they have out. Huh. Maybe kind of like what I'm doing with my clothes.  

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