Thursday, June 4, 2015

Outfit 35/61: Red Tunic, Jeans & Espadrilles

I'm loving these leather espadrilles. They look so much nicer than canvas sneakers, but feel just as comfortable and slip right on when I'm hurrying out the door. I'll let you know how they hold up.

How about the rest of the shoes in my spring wardrobe?

Naot sandals: the ones shown below are similar to mine, but not the same style. Mine are old, so there's not a current photo on a store website, and photos of mine don't look nearly as nice as this styled, professional photo. Feet look weird in close-up photos, so I'm just settling for this photo of a similar style. 

I really like the brand Naot. Their footbed is super comfortable for me. I've tried several styles Birkenstocks, and I like the look of them, but the footbed is weird. I have long feet and long toes, and their footbed is long enough for me, but the molded toe sections are really short. Where are these people with long feet and tiny little toes? Feet are strange and individual, and Naots happen to fit me well.

Sam Edelman leather espadrilles: these are comfortable and nice-looking. I'm sure I wouldn't wear them for a lot of walking, but some people probably could. They are just flat inside, with no arch support. 

Converse slip-ons: these are perfect in theory. I love slip-on shoes during spring, summer, and fall. It saves a minute or two when the kids and I are heading out to play, run errands, take out the compost scraps, pick flowers, or ride bikes. And they're easy to take off by the door instead of dragging in dirt, sand, grass, or whatever else we got into. 

In reality, these still need to be broken in further. There is something about the last eyelet and the tongue that rubs my feet and hurts them. I have to wear sturdy socks and I haven't worn them for a long walk or anything yet. I hope they will soften up soon so I can wear them comfortably without socks. 

Shoes for May and June, 2015

Converse Chuck Taylors: great shoes, already broken in. 

Ahnu slip-ons: here's another pair that are nicer-looking than sneakers, but quite comfortable. They have a sort of yogini-hippie vibe that I like with some outfits.

Vans Sk8-his: these have a very different (maybe opposite?) vibe. They're skater-punk and need a lot more effort to get on and off. Once they're on, they fit nicely - and good thing, because I don't want to have to unlace them for a while. I do not wear these to any place with a "No Shoes Inside" policy. 

Clarks Spye Celeste ankle boots: I had these in my winter capsule and still really like them. I don't usually wear heels, and these are only 1 3/4 inches tall, but to me that's a heel. These are pretty stable and comfortable for me. My ankles aren't too achy the day after wearing them. They're somewhat pointy-toed but they don't pinch. I probably wouldn't want to walk miles in them, but I do love to wear them with lots of different outfits. 

Are you planning your summer capsule yet? How many pairs of sandals will you include? 

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