Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Outfit 40/61: Blue Scoopneck Tee, Chambray Skirt & Ahnus

This outfit is so easy (as most of my outfits are) but it looks pretty chic, I think. 

I'm reading the book Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. It's all about developing habits that make it easy to stick to your goals and follow through with the decisions you've made. I think it used to be so much easier to decide something, like eating healthfully for a month, or not spending money, or exercising every day - and then I'd just follow through, of course. I said I was doing it, and I did it. Now I get distracted from my goals or I come up with lots of excuses or justifications for changing course. I am really clicking with some of the ideas in this book and I feel like I'm going to be able to make some good changes. I will keep you updated as I start to implement some of her ideas. 

I really like that she recognizes that everyone is different and she offers different strategies to accommodate different styles of habit-formers. Sometimes I'm more successful at making changes using moderation and sometimes it works better to go full bore or cut certain things completely out of my life. Rubin gets it, and acknowledges that both strategies work - just figure out which one you need. 

I'll tell you more once I've finished reading it. 

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