Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Outfit 54/61: White Button-Down Shirt, Grey Shorts & Converse

For this summer, I won't be buying many new clothes. I already have plenty to choose from! But I've been doing a little summer wardrobe daydreaming, and here are some fun things I found:

1) Linen tank top - linen is so cool and breathable for the summertime, and it's supposed to get wrinkled, so you don't have to worry about ironing it.
2) Linen button-down shirt - another no-fuss, lightweight shirt.

3) Joie de Vivre shirt - I like a t-shirt with a French message.
4) Striped Frenchy shirt - why not keep the French theme going with a timeless striped shirt?

5) A-line denim skirt - I have a denim skirt, but I really want an A-line one. I had one from Boden a few years ago, and it was a little too big, and too bulky around the pockets, so I didn't wear it much. I want the perfect version of that skirt. It had really cute contrast color stitching and was just the right length (or at least it seems that way now that it's long gone).
6) Wide-leg capri jeans - these seem very tomboy-cute to me. I like tomboy-cute. 

7) Flared jeans - I don't think I've had flares since high school, and it seems fun to try an updated version.
8) Tote bag - I already have a cheaper version of this bag. It's black on one side and silver on the other (it's reversible). If I didn't have that one, I would choose this one. I love this light grey color. It would go with almost everything I wear.

9) Adidas Stan Smiths - a blast from the past! I had white and green Stan Smiths when I was little, just like my older sister. I thought they were SO cool! If my sister put hers on, I'd wear mine, too, so we could be SO cool together... and she'd see mine and go change. It is NOT cool to match your little sister.

10) Sandals - this is such a great-looking style. It's not perfect for me, since you have to sit down and buckle them. I'm in a stage of life when slip-ons are best, but in my daydream, I have all the time I need to get dressed!

What are you thinking about wearing this summer?

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