Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Outfits 33 & 34/61 + Spring Wardrobe Layout

Outfit 33/61: Purple henley, ikat skirt, and Ahnus. This skirt is a freebie, since I made it. It's very lightweight and flowy - perfect for hotter weather. 

Outfit 34/61: Black swing tank, kimono shirt, jeans, and espadrilles. 

And finally, here is my 40-piece spring capsule wardrobe! 

The shoes:

Leather espadrilles
Slip-on Converse
Tie Converse
Ahnu slip-ons
High-top Vans
Ankle boots

Shoes for May and June, 2015

The bottoms and dresses:

Jean shorts
Grey shorts
Capri jeans
Red skirt
Pleated chambray skirt
Boyfriend jeans
Skinny jeans
Jersey dress

Bottoms for Spring 2015

The shirts:

Black swing tank
Black and white tank
Muscle shirt
Constellation shirt
Red tunic
Octopus t-shirt
Typewriter t-shirt
Eagle t-shirt
Blue scoopneck t-shirt
Ivory top
Blue plaid shirt
Polka dot top

Shirts, Springtime 2015

White button-down shirt
Wine shirt
Pink chambray 
Navy striped t-shirt
Purple henley
Pin dot button-down
Kimono top
Grey tunic
Flowered tunic
Baseball sweater
Blue funnel-neck sweater
Black and white cardigan

Having a lot of shirts does two things for me: it gives me options for different weather scenarios (and I've been in the snow and in 90-degree heat this week alone), and it makes me feel like I won't get bored. It's much more appealing for me to dress with a capsule wardrobe when I know I have plenty of options. I always end up with a few pieces that I hardly wear, but having them gives me some sense of security that I have enough, and for now, that's working well for me. It's not a whole closet full of unworn clothes, just enough to help me make the transition to having a smaller wardrobe. 

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