Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's Summer Capsule Time!

Somehow I missed showing you one outfit from my last capsule - darn! But let's just move forward, okay? 

Now that summer is in full swing, it's time for a summery wardrobe change. I decided to include more skirts this time, since I liked wearing them so much these past couple months. They're easy to throw on and cool and breezy when it's hot out. They look more put together than shorts, and sometimes they're more flattering. Of course, shorts are great for sitting on the ground, playing, riding bikes, and lots of other things, so I need some of those, too. 

As usual, my life calls for very casual, un-fussy clothing. I have two little kids and I work from home. No dress code! I do want to be able to dress up a little bit for parties and BBQs, so I want one or two outfits that are nicer.

I ended up with black, white, grey, red and blue as my colors - plus a few outliers: purple, brown, green, and a few multi-colored pieces.  

Generally I like to choose 40 pieces of clothing for each capsule, and this time I have 39 items, leaving an empty space for a party dress. I will choose whatever fits and feels the best on the day I need it - and I'm 99% sure I'll just grab something that I already own. 

Also, to encourage myself to sew more clothing, I'm allowed to add as many pieces as I can sew. So far, I don't think I've sewn more than two items for a single capsule. I have five things in mind to sew for this summer, and I'll be very impressed with myself if I accomplish all that!

And finally, here are my clothes.

My neutrals:

Summer Neutrals

1. White tank
2. White t-shirt
3. Grey t-shirt
4. Black tank
5. Black t-shirt
6. Black & white patterned top
7. Grey shorts
8. Black & white ikat print skirt
9. Grey bird skirt
10. Black a-line skirt
11. Black leggings
12. Metallic thong sandals
13. Metallic Naot sandals
14. White slip-on Converse
15. Black leather espadrilles

The reds and blues:

Red and Blue for Summer

16. Red t-shirt with braided trim
17. Red & white basket-weave top
18. Blue ombre muscle shirt
19. Blue octopus t-shirt
20. Navy t-shirt
21. Red & white maxi skirt
22. Red plaid lightweight button-down
23. Blue chambray shirt
24. Skinny jeans
25. Bootcut jeans
26. Boyfriend jeans
27. Cropped jeans
28. Bermuda jean shorts
29. Jean shorts
30. Blue Converse Jack Purcells

And the other colors and multi-colored clothes:

Other Colors of the Summer 2

31. Purple embroidered top
32. Brown Live Free t-shirt
33. Hawaiian shirt
34. Flowered tunic
35. Flowered jersey dress
36. Flowered full skirt
37. Green dip-dye skirt
38. Brown shorts
39. Brown sandals

40. saved for a party dress - to be determined 

I think it's going to be fun to mix and match these pieces. All the neutrals should make it really easy to grab something to wear on a running-late morning. 

And my first outfit of this capsule: 

Outfit 1: White tank top, flowered full skirt, and black espadrilles. 


  1. Hello Tonya, my first time here and I see you are determined to make use of your capsule wardrobe. Everything is well picked and we share similar style from what I see. I do project 333 for the first time and already everything is so much simpler.

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice words! Good luck with Project 333 - it really does make it so much easier to get dressed every day :)