Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Outfit 14/62: Black T-Shirt, Chambray Skirt & Silver Sandals

Here's my new chambray skirt! It's really simple, so it was easy to sew. It's also like a blank slate and can go with almost any shirt. I made some patch pockets that I might add to it, but they would make it a little more casual. I'm also considering adding on-seam pockets instead. Those would be more useful for carrying things, but they would take a little more work. Either way, I can see this skirt getting a lot of use.

My personal capsule wardrobe rules allow me to add an unlimited number of pieces, as long as I sew them myself. I hope it will encourage me to sew more of my own clothes. I'd love to get a lot better at sewing and be able to make a whole capsule wardrobe!

This weekend I get to have some extra time to sew, and I'm trying to decide what I want to work on. One thing I'm planning to make is an Aster shirt, from Colette Patterns. They just started the sewalong for this pattern today. If you want to join, click the image below.

Join the aster Sewalong!

I'd also like to make a shirred dress, similar to the burgundy one below. 

I want to re-hem my ikat skirt to make it a little shorter (it's the same shape as the blue and white tie-dyed skirt below). 

I'd love to make a maxi skirt out of some indigo batik fabric that I already have. Maybe it would be just a little longer than the orange tie-dyed skirt in the image.

And I definitely want to finish my coral jersey maxi skirt! It just needs to have the waistband reattached, and that shouldn't take too long. 

So my plan is to work on those five pieces (but how did I end up with so many skirts?). I'll let you know how it goes.