Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Outfit 15/62: Black Tank, Grey Bird Skirt & Espadrilles

I have another thing to add to my wish-I-would-sew-it list: a copy of this tank top in a different color. I like the fit of it and would love to have an opaque white one. Or off-white, if I'm going to follow the colors recommended for my skin tone and hair color. 

I want to learn more about the color analysis system and actually try holding up fabric swatches to see which colors really look the best on me. Why not fill my wardrobe with mostly those colors and make it easier to look good?

Have you had your colors analyzed? Do you wear mostly - or only - those colors? I remember holding up different colored fabrics in sewing class in high school. The class would say if a color looked good or not. I can't remember much else, like whether I was assigned a color season or anything. I know there was a bad reaction to mustard yellow (I remember because I often wore a shirt that color)! That is supposed to be a good color for me, as an Autumn, but now I don't feel like I look good in any yellows. 

I'm skeptical about some of the shades of green that are recommended for me, too. A fabric test could be very enlightening. What if it opens up a whole new range of colors that I thought didn't look good on me? 

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