Saturday, July 18, 2015

Outfit 18/62: Purple Embroidered Top, Capri Jeans & Camper Sandals

Here's the purple shirt I've mentioned before. I think it's outside of my range of most flattering colors, but it's a pretty shirt. Next time I might try it with a more subtle lipstick.

I've been watching reruns of "The Sopranos" and noticing how Carmela gets totally dressed up every day, with full-on hair, makeup, fancy clothes, and high heels. Some days she goes out to meetings and luncheons and things, but many times she's shown cooking and cleaning in her expensive clothes. Huh. Is all the effort worth it?

I think it's good for me to get dressed every day, even when I don't go anywhere, or I only walk to the playground or something. However, I don't think it would be worth my time to get totally dolled up to hang out with little kids and maybe meet other casual moms for a playdate. 

If you are a stay-at-home mom, what do you think about getting dressed up for your day? Do you feel a connection between getting dressed and feeling productive and motivated? Does it make you feel blue or like you've given up if you stay in lounge clothes or workout wear all day? In my neighborhood, I see a whole range of looks: moms with no makeup, pony tails, and sweats on, and those with full hair and makeup and stylish outfits. When the stylish ones have small babies, I'm always surprised - how they did have the energy to look so put together? I didn't at that point. 

Nowadays, I could stay in my pjs for a day and have no problem with that at all! But after that, I think it's good for my mood, motivation, and self-esteem to get up and dressed and put on mascara. And then once in a while, it's nice to spend a little longer on my hair and makeup and feel a little fancier (hopefully when we're going out to dinner or somewhere!)

The capsule wardrobe that I'm aiming for lets me quickly get dressed in something that looks good, feels good, and is durable and comfortable enough to wear while playing with my kids. The clothes are machine-washable and don't wrinkle easily. I want to get the mood boost of wearing a good-looking outfit without spending time trying on a bunch of clothes! Now if I could do the same thing for my hair...

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