Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Outfit 21/62: Navy Tee, Brown Shorts & Blue Converse

I finally received my used copy of Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. It's a book from the 1980s that helps you figure out your "color season," or your most flattering colors (and of course contains extremely dated advice on clothing styles!) I really like her focus on wearing what looks good on you, rather than following trends that don't work for you. 

I'm so suspicious of some the color recommendations for Autumn! Orange?? Lime green? Chartreuse? But now I want to talk someone into going to a fabric store with me and taking photos of me holding up fabrics in all these colors! 

The navy shirt that I'm wearing today is not approved for an Autumn. I'm also supposed to avoid black, white, and ALL greys, which make up a huge part of my wardrobe. Jackson does say that you might look okay in certain colors, but much better in the ones from your season. So that could be the case with all my favorite neutrals, as opposed to me always looking terrible and never knowing it. 

As soon as I can test all my colors, I'll share the results. I hope JoAnn Fabrics won't kick me out for taking photos!

Here is the Color Me Beautiful website if you want to see what season you are. And, Phew! The website says I can wear rich, warm greys. 

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