Thursday, July 30, 2015

Outfit 30/62: Hawaiian Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans & Blue Converse

Wow, July is almost over already? I have friends whose kids are already back in school! I feel like we have so much summer left, but I see Back to School signs and ads everywhere. Are you thinking about your fall clothes yet? I planned and daydreamed about some sewing projects here. I am thinking a lot about linen and french terry, off white and olive green. 

For September, I will probably use a bigger wardrobe, combining my current summer clothes and some new things for cooler weather. That month always has such huge temperature swings, I know I'll want to have both sandals and sweaters - and something in between. I guess pretty soon I'll get out my cool weather clothes and see what I still love and what I'm ready to donate. I'll try to figure out what's missing so I can search for the right pieces to fill the gaps. 

I know last year I kept wanting a perfect sweatshirt: loose-fitting but not sloppy, and not too thick, heavy, or warm. I'm in the process of sewing one, using this much-loved pattern. Hopefully it will be just right. 

What are you planning to wear this fall?

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