Friday, July 31, 2015

Outfit 31/62: White T-Shirt, Red Maxi Skirt, Silver Sandals

Does this plain t-shirt need a necklace to bring it up to the level of this skirt? I think so. Next time I will add something to fancy it up a little. 

Yesterday I told you about my intention to sew this sweatshirt. I had ordered some off-white french terry, but today I found out that it is out of stock. I substituted with avocado green, and I think that will be great, too. Hopefully the fabric will arrive soon, while I'm super excited about the project. Yes, it is way too hot here for a sweatshirt, but I'm still excited to sew it for this fall (in my air conditioned basement, where it is always a little chilly and I can try it on comfortably). 

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