Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Outfit 7/62: Chambray Shirt, Grey T-Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans & Blue Converse

It was pretty cool today, so I got to wear my chambray shirt. I love it when we get a cool day in summer - or a warm day in winter. It's nice to have a little variety. Then I appreciate the expected weather even more. It just wouldn't be summer if we didn't have long stretches of hot days, but one cool, rainy day feels like a treat. 

I think there's a parallel with capsule wardrobes. If you fill your wardrobe with mostly favorites, you can add a few brighter, more wild, trickier-to-wear pieces for variety. My outfit today is all favorites. Each piece is neutral, comfortable, reliable, and machine-washable. I can imagine wearing this today, washing and drying it, and then wearing any or all of it again in a couple days. 

For variety, I have a few things like this purple shirt in my capsule:

I really like it, but it's not my most flattering color. It's a very strong color, which I don't always feel like wearing. It's also maybe a more memorable shirt, so I might feel funny wearing it more than once a week, or even once a week. (I know people don't really notice what I wear, but I still think they might.) It's a little pop of excitement, a break from my favorite neutrals, that makes me appreciate the ease and psychological comfort of my favorite clothes. 

Your favorite, easiest-to-wear clothes might be really different from mine. Maybe purple is your favorite color to wear! You can start with your base of clothes that you want to wear almost all the time, then add in a few extras to spice things up. The pieces you include for variety might be dry-clean only, so they need a bit more effort and care. You might like to wear beautiful, uncomfortable shoes once in a while. Even though you don't wear these things as often, they can really make your small wardrobe special and make you appreciate your everyday favorites even more.

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