Monday, July 20, 2015

Outfits 19 & 20/62: Summer Capsule

How was your weekend? I had some time to myself to concentrate on sewing projects without interruption - yay! I had told you that I wanted to work on these projects:

1. Aster shirt
2. Shirred dress
3. Ikat skirt
4. Batik maxi skirt
5. Coral maxi skirt

I didn't finish them all, but I made a lot of progress! 

Here is #4, the batik maxi skirt. I made it out of a different fabric than I had originally imagined, but I really like it:

Outfit 19/62: Black t-shirt, black and white maxi skirt, and silver sandals.

How about the status of the other projects?

1. Aster shirt: I haven't started it yet. I am going to follow along with the sewalong, and it is just getting started. I need to cut out my pattern tomorrow and then I'll be ready for the next step on Wednesday. You can join up by clicking the button below, if you'd like to make this shirt, too.

Join the aster Sewalong!

2. Shirred dress: I only need to hem this one and it will be finished. It's my first time using shirring, and it went okay. Next time will be smoother, I'm sure. The bad part about learning new techniques is that I often end up spending an hour ripping out seams and re-sewing them! With limited time, I hate to waste time re-doing anything, but that's the way it goes. It's worth it, since it'll go much faster next time.

3. Ikat skirt: I wanted to shorten this skirt that I made, and I did. I ended up leaving it a little longer in the back (if I get tired of that, I can just hem the back up as short as the front someday). I think the length is more flattering for me now.

4. The batik maxi skirt above - done!

5. Coral maxi skirt: this jersey skirt had been finished before, but I didn't like the waistline so I made a new one. Meh. It's just okay. I think the very inexpensive fabric isn't quite right. I'll try a different fabric blend and a slightly different shape next time. Cheap fabric makes it easier to take a risk and try something new!

I'll try to wear all these skirts this week, so you can see them - plus it's fun to wear the things I make. :)

Here's the coral maxi skirt:

Outfit 20/62: Black and white top, coral maxi skirt, and sandals. 

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