Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Summer Outfits 9-12

We had a blast with our weekend guests. They were an old friend of mine and my husband's, and his little son. The son is the same age as our daughter, and they hit it off really well! It was fun to see them become friends, too.

Here are my recent outfits:

Outfit 9: Blue t-shirt, cuffed jean shorts, and white Converse. 

Outfit 10: Black and white top, grey shorts, and white Converse. 

Outfit 11: Flowered tunic, leggings, and Naot sandals.

Outfit 12: White t-shirt, cropped jeans, and Camper sandals.

I'm planning to wear my newly-sewn chambray skirt this week - yay! I really sewed something instead of just planning to do it! 

My husband and kids are going to give me some time alone this coming weekend, and I'll have to decide how much time to spend on sewing and how much on decluttering. I think I'll focus mainly on those two things, though I can think of many ways to use time alone: go to the pool and just relax, read books, go shopping for clothes or fabric, repaint our living room, exercise, cook, sleep, garden - I could go on. I'm pretty excited about it.