Monday, August 31, 2015

Outfits 60, 61 & 62/62: Summer 2015

Hey everybody, how was your weekend? We spent a few harrowing hours at Ikea (always a big adventure with little kids) and then spent the rest of the time resting up afterwards - ha ha!

And here are my last three outfits from Summer 2015:

Red shirt, black A-line skirt and silver sandals.

Brown Live Free t-shirt, bermuda jean shorts, and white Converse.

Chambray shirt, white tank, cropped jeans, and blue Converse. I didn't wear this chambray shirt much this summer, but it came in handy for a cool evening.

Tomorrow I can start adding in some fall clothes, but it's supposed to be hot this week, so I might not need them for a while. I'm going to keep all my summer clothes out until it cools off for good (I'll probably put away all my shorts at the end of September). 

Are you switching to fall clothes yet? Or spring, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Outfit 59/62: Jersey Dress and Espadrilles

Here's that super-easy jersey dress again. It's from Boden, and they seem to carry them every year in different patterns. The fabric is light enough to wear in the summer, but thick enough that you don't need a slip. For me, it's too low-cut to wear without a camisole, but some women probably wouldn't need one. 

Next week, I'll start gradually adding in a few new pieces for fall. During the month of September, I'll keep wearing my summer capsule and throw in my warmer clothes as it cools off. I've ordered some things online, and I'll tell you about them as they arrive and I have a chance to try them out. I love shopping online since I don't have to take my little kids with me and try to keep them occupied while I try things on. The drawback is, when something doesn't fit or otherwise isn't right, I can't just leave it in the dressing room! Free returns are the at-home shopper's best friend. 

I've also sewn a couple of pieces for fall! Here's one: 

a blue sweatshirt, made with Grainline Studio's Linden pattern. I want to make an olive green one, too - probably one size smaller. (I'm also wearing my homemade chambray skirt and my new light blue slip-on Pikolinos oxfords.) 

I'll show you the other top I made, after I snap a photo of it. I've got (lots!) more sewing projects planned, but making time to do it is the hard part. That sweatshirt only took a couple hours, and it was really easy - I didn't have to re-do anything or figure out any tricky sewing techniques. It was a great motivational project. I love to sew when everything just goes smoothly and the instructions are clear! 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Outfit 58/62: Navy Shirt, Grey Bird Skirt and Espadrilles

I'm so glad I figured out this type of outfit: looks pretty nice, but is super comfortable and easy to throw on. I want to create more of these outfits! And I want my house and life to follow suit and be lovely and uncomplicated.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Outfit 57/62: Grey T-Shirt, Brown Shorts and Espadrilles

Today turned out differently from what I had planned. The kids were supposed to go to daycare for 2.5 hours so I could have a little time to myself, but my son was sick, so he stayed home and cuddled on my lap. My productive morning became the opposite, but that's okay. Hopefully tomorrow my son will feel better (and nobody else will get sick!). 

So I ended up without the necklace, of course, because it's not cuddly. Then this outfit was fine for lounging around with a sick child. And look at me, mixing all those neutrals and feeling totally normal about it. Remember when I used to feel funny about wearing brown and black together? 

For fall, I've gone through my stored sweaters and I put a few of them into the donation box. I'm missing a long, loose cardigan that has buttons and pockets. I'll be looking for one of those in the next few weeks. 

Most of my jeans are too tight - ugh! I am reining in my after-dinner snacking and I bought some inexpensive jeans that fit now. 

So far for fall, I've bought these five things: 

Fall Things

The Striped sweatshirt from J.Crew Factory. I'll probably send this back. The fabric is not sweatshirty (fleece) but a thicker t-shirt material. It's very soft and cozy and nice. But the shirt is just too big, loose, and boxy for me. I got a size large and I wonder if a medium would be the right amount of big, loose, and boxy. It's super comfortable, but I don't think this size is flattering on me. Also, I don't love that the collar band has vertical stripes. I would get past that if the shirt fit wonderfully, but it doesn't.

The Simply Snuggly Cardigan from Modcloth is a winner! It's soft and doesn't feel like it will snag or pill. I've already washed it on cold and let it air dry, and it did not shrink and still feels perfect.

Both pairs of jeans are from Old Navy. They are the boyfriend straight style, and they are great for me. The torn knees make my 4-year old daughter very suspicious. She asks, "did those jeans come with holes in them? Why did you buy pants with holes?" She has been warned to only wear sturdy jeans for some activities (mostly using Jason's half pipe as a big slide) so they won't get holes in them. In her life so far, holes in pants are a problem.

Then the slip-on blue oxfords are from Pikolinos. I love them! I was thinking about sending them back and just getting a pair of brown lace-up oxfords - because do I really have room for two pairs of oxfords in a capsule wardrobe? And I'm pretty sure I want the brown lace-ups. But I tried to box up the blue ones today to send them back, and instead I put them on again and felt like they belong with me and I will wear them all the time until it's snowy out. This is my first pair of shoes from the brand and they are super comfortable right away, with soft, pretty leather and no issues from wearing them around the house - with no socks. They do not rub on my heels or ankle bones, or have any of those common new-shoe problems.  

I'll let you know as I add a few more things!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Outfit 56/62: Octopus T-Shirt, Cropped Jeans and Converse

I just have a quick outfit post today:

It's my standard uniform of t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. 

For fall, I'm thinking a lot about high-waisted flared jeans, oxford shoes, and a jean jacket. I'm excited to add back in some of my old clothes, especially my favorite sweaters and boots. What are you planning for fall? 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Outfits 53, 54 & 55/62

Wow, another weekend came and went already? Summer is cruising by. Luckily my kids are still little, so we can keep summer going for a while longer. Violet's preschool starts next week, so we're going to make the most of this last week of utter freedom. Today we spent a couple hours at the kid-friendly library and then filled up our kiddie pool to splash at home. We played with glow sticks and read some great library books before bed. Summer can't escape us yet!

How about some outfits?

Red-orange basket-print top, chambray skirt, and Camper sandals. This skirt is so easy to wear, it makes me happy. I'm very glad that I spent a little time sewing it up! Sometimes I spend a long time sewing something and then hardly ever wear it, but this was the opposite situation. It's definitely a warm-weather wardrobe staple for me.

Black tank, grey shorts and espadrilles. Adding a necklace can make such an improvement to an outfit! Many days I don't think about jewelry at all, but I think it really finishes an outfit. It's worth it to spend an extra minute to add a necklace, watch, or bracelet more often. 

Purple embroidered top, black A-line skirt and espadrilles. I'm getting a lot of use out of these leather Sam Edelman espadrilles. They are holding up well, so I'll be able to use them again in spring. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Outfits 51 & 52/62 & Getting My Fall Clothes Out Of Storage

Hi! First, how about a couple of outfit photos?

Red-orange basket-print top, black skirt and Naot sandals.

White t-shirt, red maxi skirt and Naot sandals.

And now we can talk about planning for the next season. For me, a new capsule season will start on September 1st. I will start adding fall clothes as I need them, while continuing to use my current summer wardrobe. Where I live, September always has a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions, so a gradual wardrobe change works best for me.

I will phase out my summer clothes around October 1st and wear my fall capsule wardrobe through the end of November. I expect to choose around 40 items, since that has been working really well for me. I will buy a few new things. Most of my clothes will come out of boxes, saved from years past.

Today I got out my sweaters and started to sort through what I still like and what I want to donate. There are a few things that I don't really like and a few that didn't work the way I wanted them to (one sweater looks great but is kind of scratchy and feels very acrylic. Another is lovely, but it always sheds on anything it touches, including the rest of my outfit). I plan to replace those with new pieces, searching for things that I love and that will work just right.  

I'll keep sorting over the weekend, referencing the outfit examples that I've shared over the past few days. I'll see if I can make similar-enough outfits from what I already have, and narrow down what I'd like to buy new this season. 

I hope your planning is going well. If you're posting about your next wardrobe, leave me a link in the comments! I'd love to see it. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Fall Outfit Ideas

I've come up with some more fall outfit ideas. I'll be thinking about these silhouettes when I get out my stored clothes, and see what I already have. 

Fall Ideas

Left to right:
1. Soft henley dress and cute flats. This kind of dress would be perfect for the end of summer and early fall. If it's a chilly day, I could add tights and a jean jacket or cardigan.

2. Textured crewneck sweater, cargo pocket miniskirt, and purple leather sneakers. Again, tights are optional depending on the temperature.

3. Casual crewneck sweater, flared jeans, and Clarks desert boots. This outfit would be great for an outdoorsy day.

4. Long t-shirt, slim pants, and slip-on oxfords. Super comfortable, but looks a little sharper than jeans and sneakers.

Fall Outfits

Left to right:

1. Relaxed Breton tunic and cute flats. Easy to throw on and look good.

2. Shift dress and short reddish boots. Another effortless pretty outfit.

3. Crewneck sweater, denim skirt and short boots.

4. Striped sweatshirt, slim pants, and ankle boots. 

Fall Outfits

Left to right:

1. Patterned button-down shirt, flared jeans and Clarks desert boots.

2. Boxy shirt, boyfriend jeans, and colored oxfords.

3. Boatneck t-shirt, mini skirt, and purple leather sneakers.

4. Orange t-shirt, grey boyfriend jeans and multicolored sneakers. Perfect for the playground!

I plan to get out my stored fall clothes this weekend (maybe I'll even get to it tonight after the kids are in bed). I'll see what I already have and then decide if I'll buy some pieces to help make the kind of outfits I want to wear next month. 

What do you think? Are you planning on wearing anything similar to my choices?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Outfit 50/62: Jersey Dress & Sandals

Here's my easy, comfortable jersey dress. I should wear this all the time, but I forget just how easy it is to wear. 

I've been narrowing down the list of what I'd like to wear this fall. The next step will be to get out my stored fall clothes and see what I already have. Then I can see if there's anything I want to buy this year, and choose exactly what to buy.

I think this part is fun - the planning, pinning photos, looking at websites and people in my neighborhood. If you don't like that stuff, skip it! Just start with what you already have. Try laying out some outfits (or try them on!) and see if anything is missing. 

What types of outfits do you need in the upcoming season? What did you think was missing last year? When you look at your fall clothes, is there anything you dislike and want to give away? Is anything worn out? 

If you don't need to replace anything and don't want to add anything, you're ready to go! You may need to wash or iron your fall wardrobe, and then just hang it up and get ready for the cooler season. 

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you might be pulling out sandals and shorts to get ready for spring. Whatever season it is where you live, I hope you're having fun getting out your familiar favorite clothes and maybe picking out some new things, too. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fall 2015 Silhouettes + Outfit 49/62

I've been thinking about what silhouettes I'd like to wear this fall. Here are four that I really like:

Fall 2015 Silhouettes

1. Long cardigan, skinny jeans, and oxfords. 

2. Open cardigan, mini skirt, and tall boots. 

3. Jersey dress, cardigan, and slip-on oxfords. 

4. Cardigan with tank underneath, boyfriend jeans, and Vans that look like cork.

I'm really interested in yellow right now, as you might have noticed. I'm trying to decide between the two yellow sweaters above. I like the shape of the one in Outfit 1, but I like the color of the sweater in Outfit 3 a little more. 

Cardigans are great for fall, since you can easily take them off if you're too warm in the sun, or wrap up in a cozy one if you cross the street and are cold in the shade.

I don't know why I suddenly want a pair of oxfords - I haven't considered wearing them for years. But I think they will fill a certain hole in my wardrobe that's been giving me trouble for years. I want some shoes that can be comfortable and versatile, looking cute with casual outfits and nice with dressier clothes. My leather espadrilles are working really well to do that job right now, and I think oxfords will fill that spot in fall and winter. 

I already have those grey boots and I love them. I probably won't buy any more sneakers, but aren't those cork Vans cute?

And here is today's outfit:

Outfit 49/62: Grey t-shirt, cropped jeans, and blue Converse. It's just my basic uniform, great for taking kids to the playground, doing a little weeding, and other stuff around the house. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Outfits 46, 47, & 48/62

How was your weekend? We went to a fun birthday pool party for a little guy we know. We also had a great dinner at our friends' house. Oh, and a new playground opened so we had to try it out - and it got our stamp of approval. That's a pretty good weekend around here. 

Red tee, ikat skirt, and silver sandals.

Hawaiian shirt, brown shorts, and white Converse.

Black tee, jean shorts, and white Converse.

I've been having fun looking at fall clothes and thinking about what I want to wear in a month or two. I've been pinning some cute stuff on this Pinterest board, if you want to check it out. What are you planning on wearing this fall?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Outfit 45/62 and Thinking About Fall

Black and white top, chambray skirt, and Naot sandals. I'm getting a lot of use out of this skirt! It was such a simple sewing project, and it was so worth the effort. I'm still thinking about adding pockets, but so far it's working fine like this.

Are you thinking about clothes for fall yet? I'm doing the first and second steps of planning my fall wardrobe: thinking about what I want and looking online.

I've been asking myself questions, including these:

*What do I feel like wearing as it cools off?
- Oversized t-shirts and sweaters
- Slinky, soft sweaters
- Boots
- Jeans
- Corduroy
- Maybe a pair of oxford shoes - are they too preppy for me? Who cares? I can wear whatever I want. I'm looking at some on Zappos.
- A long cardigan

*What was missing last year?
- Comfy, yet good-looking sweatshirts. I hope to sew some, but I never know if I'll finish my sewing projects, or if they'll turn out like I envision them. So hopefully I'll sew a couple, but if I don't, I might buy one. 

*What did I like last year?
- Leggings with tunics and dresses. I might buy a nicer, higher  quality pair that will keep me warm this winter. 
- Having different styles of jeans. I want to have skinnies and straights and bootcuts or flares.
Different colors of jeans: dark rinse, distressed, faded, black.

*What colors do I want to wear? It's nice to choose a color palette so that lots of clothes will go with each other. Then you can mix up lots of different outfits from a small wardrobe.
- Black, grey, brown, camel, ivory, blue, dark periwinkle, dark green, olive, yellow, orange, orange-red. 
- That's a lot, and I'm sure I'll narrow it down. In the brainstorming phase, it's okay to start with a big list. 

*What styles do I want to wear?
- Punk and chic
- Hard and soft - leather jacket, jean jacket, soft sweaters, tough boots
- Flowing and oversized and fitted, mixed together

*What fabrics and details do I want to include?
- Flannel, fleece, leather, snaps, rivets, wood buttons

So that's what I'm starting with. I'm pinning and saving things to Polyvore. I think I'll make a specific Pinterest board for the fall, so I can see it all as one mood board. I might also pin images of colors, fabrics, outfits, and anything else that captures the mood I want for my fall wardrobe. I'll link to it this weekend or on Monday, once I get it going. 

Are you making any plans yet? When does fall begin where you live? Here, it normally starts sometime in September, but there are always plenty of hot days in the month, too. It's a tricky one, so I plan to keep my summer clothes out during the month, while I add in my fall pieces, and make a more gradual change as the cooler weather takes hold. 

Last year I didn't have enough warm-weather clothes for the hot days, and during October and November, I regretted having to use some of my wardrobe space for shorts and sandals. This year I will follow looser rules so I can enjoy my clothes more. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Outfits 43 & 44/62

Today I have two outfits to post, since I didn't share one yesterday.

Navy shirt, denim shorts, and white Converse. 

White t-shirt, black and white maxi, and silver sandals. 

There are only 2.5 weeks left with my summer capsule. I feel like I should make sure I've worn everything - but then I also feel like I'll just wear whatever I want! Clothes don't feel neglected if you don't wear them all equally (no matter what Marie Kondo says). 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Seasonal Color Analysis Swatches

Hi friends, I have a fun post today. I took a bunch of photos while holding up fabric samples in different colors to test the idea that I look best in Autumn colors. If you want to know more about the concept of seasonal color analysis, this site might be a good place to start. 

Because my skin has a warm undertone, my eyes are warm (brown) and my hair is warm and darker, I fall into the Autumn category. My hair is currently lightened, which could mean that I look good in the colors of Spring, the warm season that's lighter.

Aside from changing hair color, some people won't fit easily into one of the four seasons. There are other versions of color analysis that use 12 or 16 categories, to further refine a person's ideal clothing and makeup colors. And some versions talk about people being flattered by the colors of two seasons, Autumn flowing into Winter, for example. That person might look good in lots of dark colors, both warm and cool.

So if you get interested in this idea, you can spend as much time as you'd like delving into the nuances of your ideal colors. But it's great to start with figuring out if you're a Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn and see if the recommended colors suit you.

Now let's get to the photos!

Light colors:

White, Oatmeal, Light Pink
Light Yellow, Icy Green, Light Green

*I can see that I look a lot better in oatmeal than pure white, as predicted. I will definitely look for off-white in the future! 
*I think the pink is just okay. My season contains no pink, which I think is a shame, but I can see that it is not my best color. 
*Yellow is not a color that I thought I could wear, but this one's a nice surprise. I painted a wall in my house this color, and I love it, and now I feel like I could wear it, too. This is actually more of a Spring palette color, but I think it works.  
*The two greens are too light for me, though I sometimes wear mint green in the spring, and I doubt I'll stop. 


White, Light Grey, Black
Oatmeal, Camel, Dark Brown

*The top row are all no-nos according to my season, but I think that grey looks good! I'm not going to give up black, either. I can see that the warmer browns are more flattering, but I still think black looks good, so I'm going to keep wearing it. 
*On the bottom row, I think my skin looks really healthy and warm in all three (recommended) colors. The camel looks better to me than the dark brown. I think dark brown looks great when my hair is its natural dark auburn color.

Yellows & Oranges

Copper, Light Yellow, Bright Deeper Yellow
Orange, Dark Orange

*I was pretty surprised that yellow and orange were part of my palette, but what a nice surprise. It opens up a lot of possibilities! My favorites are the copper and dark orange. 


Icy Green, Light Green, Chartreuse
Olive, Grey-Olive, Forest

*On the top row, the two lightest greens aren't in my palette, and I can see that they make me look very pale. The chartreuse is surprisingly flattering. I would never have picked that color for me - this is my daughter's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pjs shirt. 
*The bottom row has all recommended greens, and I think the recommendation is right on. Probably the Grey-Olive is the one I would be the most drawn to, but it's the least flattering of the three. It's educational for me that the ones with a little more yellow in them look better.


Light Turquoise, Light Bright Blue, Medium Blue
Navy and Gold Chambray, Dark Almost-Teal, Cobalt
Dark Navy, Smoky Blue, Chambray

*Blue is my favorite color, and I love to wear it. The only shades that are in my palette are Turquoise and Teal, but I like all of these pictured. Spring gets a few more blues, but most of them belong to Summer. 
*Well, maybe I'm an Autumn flowing into Summer, or maybe I just love blue, but I don't think I look bad in any of these colors and I'm going to keep wearing them. 
*I can see that some of them make my skin look more pale (especially that chambray in the bottom row), but it's worth it to add some extra bronzer or a stronger lipstick and wear my favorite color. 


Maroon, Dark Periwinkle
Light Periwinkle, Dark Magenta, Dark Purple 

*The only purple in my palette is Deep Periwinkle, and I do think that Dark Periwinkle on the top row looks good! I also think that maroon on the top left is great for me. 
* The worst one is Dark Purple, but the other two on the bottom row seem pretty good. 

For the most part, I think the colors I like to wear tend to look decent or good on me - yay! I'm sure many people figure out what looks good as they grow up, even if they never really think about it. It has been fun for me to learn about my recommended color palette, and I want to look further into makeup colors. 

I think it's cool that I can add yellow, orange, and yellowy greens to my options. I might not have tried them without this experiment.

I'm not going to follow my palette 100% because I like other colors, I think I look good in other colors, and I'm not always concerned with looking my absolute best. In my lines of work (stay-at-home-mom, blogger and work-from-home-editor) I don't really have to look impeccable all the time. But it's great to know what is most flattering on me. When I need to look my best, and feel the most confident, I'll know what to choose. 

In the past, I have occasionally chosen a color of clothing to buy just because I didn't already have anything that color. I thought buying a basic color would be boring and repetitive, but then I didn't end up wearing those interesting colors much. Now I doubt I'll do that again. I don't need clothes in every color - only the colors that I really want to wear (mostly the ones that look the best). 

Sometime maybe I'll take photos with a bunch of colors that look terrible on me: fuschia, hot pink, and icy pastels. I'm not sure if I want to post lots of intentionally unflattering photos, but I'll keep thinking about it.   

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Outfit 42/62: Buffalo T-Shirt, Bermuda Jean Shorts & White Converse

This buffalo shirt is great for a couple reasons. Dark brown is definitely one of my colors! And its message, "Live Free" is a great reminder for me. Sometimes I feel trapped. I get really frustrated that I don't have lots of uninterrupted time to work on creative projects. I'll just get into working on something, and a kid will call, "Mama!" But the truth is, I have kind of a dream set-up here. 

I get to spend a lot of time with my young kids, which I love doing! The thought of leaving them at daycare full time is not a dream come true for me. I was recently looking into a full time job, and I felt so torn between the thought of having time to just focus and concentrate on something without being interrupted repeatedly - I miss that! and the thought of leaving my kids at daycare and only seeing them in the evenings and on the weekends. We would all be fine if that were the situation, and we would make the most of our evenings and weekends, instead of frittering away so much time. But it made me feel a little sad.

Truly, my current situation is pretty awesome. Every few months, I work quite a bit doing editing work. I get to have time to think about something other than snacks and laundry. I do jobs that are completed (unlike never-ending household chores). I do a good job and am paid accordingly. I get positive feedback. What a great change from being a stay-at-home-mom!

The rest of the time, I don't work at all and have time to spend with my kids, doing whatever we want! I could work on any project I choose, as long as I find some way to include the kids or to keep them busy. I don't have any boss or have to use my efforts for someone else's profit. I just can't have hours of time alone, in a row, unless I stay up too late - and I'm trying to go to bed early so I get plenty of sleep.

Sometimes I forget that I AM FREE. This t-shirt is a little reminder to live that way. 

(It's from Bridge & Burn, a Portland, Oregon company, but it looks like they don't have this style in stock now.)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Outfits 39, 40 & 41/62 Summer Capsule

Hi guys, how is your Monday? This past week and weekend I've been busy working at my seasonal, part-time editing job. I love it for several reasons, but one big one is that after the work dies down and I have free time again, I'm in the habit of being busy all the time. I have more energy, motivation, and stamina to keep busy doing the things I want to do. It feels like I have tons of free time! This week, I'll work a bit more, but I'm excited to use my "extra" time for sewing, clearing out extra kids' toys, renewing my exercise habit, and planning my fall capsule. What do you do when you feel like you have extra free time?

Here are a few recent outfits:

Grey T-Shirt, Black A-Line Skirt & Silver Sandals  

Octopus T-Shirt, Cropped Jeans & White Converse

Black and White Top, Bermuda Jean Shorts & Naot Sandals

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Outfit 38/62: Flowered Tunic, Skinny Jeans & Sandals

Today it felt fun to wear something a little different from my recent outfits. If you include a piece of clothing in your capsule that's an outlier compared to the rest of your clothes, you can wear it when you get bored or start to feel burned out on your everyday wardrobe. 

This tunic is a different silhouette from most of my tops, which are just t-shirts. Wearing jeans after so many days of shorts and skirts feels new and kind of scratches the back-to-school-new-jeans itch. Do you always want a new pair of jeans this time of year, or is it just me? I'm thinking about getting a pair of flares for September.  

I don't like the super bell bottoms style (for me), but I can imagine putting any of these to good use:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Outfit 37/62: Octopus Tee, Denim Shorts & Blue Converse

A black cat goes with everything, right?


Outfit 36/62: Red-Orange Top, Black A-Line Skirt & Espadrilles

I love this outfit! The shirt is a comfy knit, but it looks nicer than a regular cotton t-shirt. The skirt is also super comfortable (this style of skirt can sit higher or lower on my waist, depending on how big a lunch I had that day!). So I get to look more put-together, but feel like I'm wearing lounge clothes. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Outfit 35/62: Black Tee, Cropped Jeans & Sandals

This is the fifth day in a row that I've worn a neutral t-shirt (black, white, or grey). I do laundry almost every day, since I have two little kids. So far these Everlane shirts are holding up just fine to frequent laundering. 

None of those three colors is in my seasonal color analysis palette (Autumn), but I like how I look in them, so I'm not going to stop wearing them. I'll keep experimenting with "my" colors and see if I do prefer off-white; then I'll buy that color if I replace my white t-shirt. If I start to love dark brown as much as black, I'll be on the lookout for it as my black clothes get worn out. I'm sure the change will be gradual, as I become convinced that my recommended colors really are more flattering. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Outfits 32, 33 & 34/62 + A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy

Did you do anything fun this weekend? We were very low-key, but we did go to a fun barbeque Saturday night. There was a fire pit and s'mores and everything! Very summery. 

32/62: Grey t-shirt, chambray skirt, and white Converse.  

33/62: Black t-shirt, grey bird skirt, and Naot sandals.

34/62: White t-shirt, brown shorts, and white Converse.

I read this great little book that I loved! A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy by Sarah Lazarovic. The author tells about the evolution of her shopping habits since childhood, with illustrations on almost every page. With great humor, she describes her current desire to buy fewer things, and to buy things of better quality so they will last longer. Her motto, with thanks to Michael Pollan, is, "Buy clothes. Not too many. Mostly quality." I think that's a great one for me, too. That's definitely a useful starting point for many of us who are interested in capsule wardrobes. 

Capsule wardrobes can help address so many clothing-related problems. Buying too many clothes can lead to:
* spending too much money
* wastefulness if you never wear the clothes
* decision fatigue when you can't decide what to wear 
* supporting fast fashion, which might be harming the workers who make the clothes
* harming the environment and using up resources for unnecessary clothing (dyes and bleaches end up in the water, and unwanted clothes end up in landfills).

Buying clothing more thoughtfully won't save the world, but it might help a little bit. And it can improve your own life by making it easy to get dressed every day, in clothes that you love and feel good about. It might save you money. It might help you look better, if you only buy clothes that are flattering, instead of thinking you need something in every shape and color. 

Unlike Lazarovic, I don't have the talent to paint beautiful pictures of things I'd like to buy, but I can pin the images, or make outfits on Polyvore. I'm going to try that the next time I feel like shopping impulsively - just pin it instead. Ok, I just started my Things I Didn't Buy board. If you start one, too, share the link!