Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fall 2015 Silhouettes + Outfit 49/62

I've been thinking about what silhouettes I'd like to wear this fall. Here are four that I really like:

Fall 2015 Silhouettes

1. Long cardigan, skinny jeans, and oxfords. 

2. Open cardigan, mini skirt, and tall boots. 

3. Jersey dress, cardigan, and slip-on oxfords. 

4. Cardigan with tank underneath, boyfriend jeans, and Vans that look like cork.

I'm really interested in yellow right now, as you might have noticed. I'm trying to decide between the two yellow sweaters above. I like the shape of the one in Outfit 1, but I like the color of the sweater in Outfit 3 a little more. 

Cardigans are great for fall, since you can easily take them off if you're too warm in the sun, or wrap up in a cozy one if you cross the street and are cold in the shade.

I don't know why I suddenly want a pair of oxfords - I haven't considered wearing them for years. But I think they will fill a certain hole in my wardrobe that's been giving me trouble for years. I want some shoes that can be comfortable and versatile, looking cute with casual outfits and nice with dressier clothes. My leather espadrilles are working really well to do that job right now, and I think oxfords will fill that spot in fall and winter. 

I already have those grey boots and I love them. I probably won't buy any more sneakers, but aren't those cork Vans cute?

And here is today's outfit:

Outfit 49/62: Grey t-shirt, cropped jeans, and blue Converse. It's just my basic uniform, great for taking kids to the playground, doing a little weeding, and other stuff around the house. 

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