Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Fall Outfit Ideas

I've come up with some more fall outfit ideas. I'll be thinking about these silhouettes when I get out my stored clothes, and see what I already have. 

Fall Ideas

Left to right:
1. Soft henley dress and cute flats. This kind of dress would be perfect for the end of summer and early fall. If it's a chilly day, I could add tights and a jean jacket or cardigan.

2. Textured crewneck sweater, cargo pocket miniskirt, and purple leather sneakers. Again, tights are optional depending on the temperature.

3. Casual crewneck sweater, flared jeans, and Clarks desert boots. This outfit would be great for an outdoorsy day.

4. Long t-shirt, slim pants, and slip-on oxfords. Super comfortable, but looks a little sharper than jeans and sneakers.

Fall Outfits

Left to right:

1. Relaxed Breton tunic and cute flats. Easy to throw on and look good.

2. Shift dress and short reddish boots. Another effortless pretty outfit.

3. Crewneck sweater, denim skirt and short boots.

4. Striped sweatshirt, slim pants, and ankle boots. 

Fall Outfits

Left to right:

1. Patterned button-down shirt, flared jeans and Clarks desert boots.

2. Boxy shirt, boyfriend jeans, and colored oxfords.

3. Boatneck t-shirt, mini skirt, and purple leather sneakers.

4. Orange t-shirt, grey boyfriend jeans and multicolored sneakers. Perfect for the playground!

I plan to get out my stored fall clothes this weekend (maybe I'll even get to it tonight after the kids are in bed). I'll see what I already have and then decide if I'll buy some pieces to help make the kind of outfits I want to wear next month. 

What do you think? Are you planning on wearing anything similar to my choices?

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