Friday, August 7, 2015

Outfit 38/62: Flowered Tunic, Skinny Jeans & Sandals

Today it felt fun to wear something a little different from my recent outfits. If you include a piece of clothing in your capsule that's an outlier compared to the rest of your clothes, you can wear it when you get bored or start to feel burned out on your everyday wardrobe. 

This tunic is a different silhouette from most of my tops, which are just t-shirts. Wearing jeans after so many days of shorts and skirts feels new and kind of scratches the back-to-school-new-jeans itch. Do you always want a new pair of jeans this time of year, or is it just me? I'm thinking about getting a pair of flares for September.  

I don't like the super bell bottoms style (for me), but I can imagine putting any of these to good use:

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