Friday, August 14, 2015

Outfit 45/62 and Thinking About Fall

Black and white top, chambray skirt, and Naot sandals. I'm getting a lot of use out of this skirt! It was such a simple sewing project, and it was so worth the effort. I'm still thinking about adding pockets, but so far it's working fine like this.

Are you thinking about clothes for fall yet? I'm doing the first and second steps of planning my fall wardrobe: thinking about what I want and looking online.

I've been asking myself questions, including these:

*What do I feel like wearing as it cools off?
- Oversized t-shirts and sweaters
- Slinky, soft sweaters
- Boots
- Jeans
- Corduroy
- Maybe a pair of oxford shoes - are they too preppy for me? Who cares? I can wear whatever I want. I'm looking at some on Zappos.
- A long cardigan

*What was missing last year?
- Comfy, yet good-looking sweatshirts. I hope to sew some, but I never know if I'll finish my sewing projects, or if they'll turn out like I envision them. So hopefully I'll sew a couple, but if I don't, I might buy one. 

*What did I like last year?
- Leggings with tunics and dresses. I might buy a nicer, higher  quality pair that will keep me warm this winter. 
- Having different styles of jeans. I want to have skinnies and straights and bootcuts or flares.
Different colors of jeans: dark rinse, distressed, faded, black.

*What colors do I want to wear? It's nice to choose a color palette so that lots of clothes will go with each other. Then you can mix up lots of different outfits from a small wardrobe.
- Black, grey, brown, camel, ivory, blue, dark periwinkle, dark green, olive, yellow, orange, orange-red. 
- That's a lot, and I'm sure I'll narrow it down. In the brainstorming phase, it's okay to start with a big list. 

*What styles do I want to wear?
- Punk and chic
- Hard and soft - leather jacket, jean jacket, soft sweaters, tough boots
- Flowing and oversized and fitted, mixed together

*What fabrics and details do I want to include?
- Flannel, fleece, leather, snaps, rivets, wood buttons

So that's what I'm starting with. I'm pinning and saving things to Polyvore. I think I'll make a specific Pinterest board for the fall, so I can see it all as one mood board. I might also pin images of colors, fabrics, outfits, and anything else that captures the mood I want for my fall wardrobe. I'll link to it this weekend or on Monday, once I get it going. 

Are you making any plans yet? When does fall begin where you live? Here, it normally starts sometime in September, but there are always plenty of hot days in the month, too. It's a tricky one, so I plan to keep my summer clothes out during the month, while I add in my fall pieces, and make a more gradual change as the cooler weather takes hold. 

Last year I didn't have enough warm-weather clothes for the hot days, and during October and November, I regretted having to use some of my wardrobe space for shorts and sandals. This year I will follow looser rules so I can enjoy my clothes more.