Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Outfit 50/62: Jersey Dress & Sandals

Here's my easy, comfortable jersey dress. I should wear this all the time, but I forget just how easy it is to wear. 

I've been narrowing down the list of what I'd like to wear this fall. The next step will be to get out my stored fall clothes and see what I already have. Then I can see if there's anything I want to buy this year, and choose exactly what to buy.

I think this part is fun - the planning, pinning photos, looking at websites and people in my neighborhood. If you don't like that stuff, skip it! Just start with what you already have. Try laying out some outfits (or try them on!) and see if anything is missing. 

What types of outfits do you need in the upcoming season? What did you think was missing last year? When you look at your fall clothes, is there anything you dislike and want to give away? Is anything worn out? 

If you don't need to replace anything and don't want to add anything, you're ready to go! You may need to wash or iron your fall wardrobe, and then just hang it up and get ready for the cooler season. 

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you might be pulling out sandals and shorts to get ready for spring. Whatever season it is where you live, I hope you're having fun getting out your familiar favorite clothes and maybe picking out some new things, too. 

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