Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Outfit 57/62: Grey T-Shirt, Brown Shorts and Espadrilles

Today turned out differently from what I had planned. The kids were supposed to go to daycare for 2.5 hours so I could have a little time to myself, but my son was sick, so he stayed home and cuddled on my lap. My productive morning became the opposite, but that's okay. Hopefully tomorrow my son will feel better (and nobody else will get sick!). 

So I ended up without the necklace, of course, because it's not cuddly. Then this outfit was fine for lounging around with a sick child. And look at me, mixing all those neutrals and feeling totally normal about it. Remember when I used to feel funny about wearing brown and black together? 

For fall, I've gone through my stored sweaters and I put a few of them into the donation box. I'm missing a long, loose cardigan that has buttons and pockets. I'll be looking for one of those in the next few weeks. 

Most of my jeans are too tight - ugh! I am reining in my after-dinner snacking and I bought some inexpensive jeans that fit now. 

So far for fall, I've bought these five things: 

Fall Things

The Striped sweatshirt from J.Crew Factory. I'll probably send this back. The fabric is not sweatshirty (fleece) but a thicker t-shirt material. It's very soft and cozy and nice. But the shirt is just too big, loose, and boxy for me. I got a size large and I wonder if a medium would be the right amount of big, loose, and boxy. It's super comfortable, but I don't think this size is flattering on me. Also, I don't love that the collar band has vertical stripes. I would get past that if the shirt fit wonderfully, but it doesn't.

The Simply Snuggly Cardigan from Modcloth is a winner! It's soft and doesn't feel like it will snag or pill. I've already washed it on cold and let it air dry, and it did not shrink and still feels perfect.

Both pairs of jeans are from Old Navy. They are the boyfriend straight style, and they are great for me. The torn knees make my 4-year old daughter very suspicious. She asks, "did those jeans come with holes in them? Why did you buy pants with holes?" She has been warned to only wear sturdy jeans for some activities (mostly using Jason's half pipe as a big slide) so they won't get holes in them. In her life so far, holes in pants are a problem.

Then the slip-on blue oxfords are from Pikolinos. I love them! I was thinking about sending them back and just getting a pair of brown lace-up oxfords - because do I really have room for two pairs of oxfords in a capsule wardrobe? And I'm pretty sure I want the brown lace-ups. But I tried to box up the blue ones today to send them back, and instead I put them on again and felt like they belong with me and I will wear them all the time until it's snowy out. This is my first pair of shoes from the brand and they are super comfortable right away, with soft, pretty leather and no issues from wearing them around the house - with no socks. They do not rub on my heels or ankle bones, or have any of those common new-shoe problems.  

I'll let you know as I add a few more things!

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