Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Seasonal Color Analysis Swatches

Hi friends, I have a fun post today. I took a bunch of photos while holding up fabric samples in different colors to test the idea that I look best in Autumn colors. If you want to know more about the concept of seasonal color analysis, this site might be a good place to start. 

Because my skin has a warm undertone, my eyes are warm (brown) and my hair is warm and darker, I fall into the Autumn category. My hair is currently lightened, which could mean that I look good in the colors of Spring, the warm season that's lighter.

Aside from changing hair color, some people won't fit easily into one of the four seasons. There are other versions of color analysis that use 12 or 16 categories, to further refine a person's ideal clothing and makeup colors. And some versions talk about people being flattered by the colors of two seasons, Autumn flowing into Winter, for example. That person might look good in lots of dark colors, both warm and cool.

So if you get interested in this idea, you can spend as much time as you'd like delving into the nuances of your ideal colors. But it's great to start with figuring out if you're a Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn and see if the recommended colors suit you.

Now let's get to the photos!

Light colors:

White, Oatmeal, Light Pink
Light Yellow, Icy Green, Light Green

*I can see that I look a lot better in oatmeal than pure white, as predicted. I will definitely look for off-white in the future! 
*I think the pink is just okay. My season contains no pink, which I think is a shame, but I can see that it is not my best color. 
*Yellow is not a color that I thought I could wear, but this one's a nice surprise. I painted a wall in my house this color, and I love it, and now I feel like I could wear it, too. This is actually more of a Spring palette color, but I think it works.  
*The two greens are too light for me, though I sometimes wear mint green in the spring, and I doubt I'll stop. 


White, Light Grey, Black
Oatmeal, Camel, Dark Brown

*The top row are all no-nos according to my season, but I think that grey looks good! I'm not going to give up black, either. I can see that the warmer browns are more flattering, but I still think black looks good, so I'm going to keep wearing it. 
*On the bottom row, I think my skin looks really healthy and warm in all three (recommended) colors. The camel looks better to me than the dark brown. I think dark brown looks great when my hair is its natural dark auburn color.

Yellows & Oranges

Copper, Light Yellow, Bright Deeper Yellow
Orange, Dark Orange

*I was pretty surprised that yellow and orange were part of my palette, but what a nice surprise. It opens up a lot of possibilities! My favorites are the copper and dark orange. 


Icy Green, Light Green, Chartreuse
Olive, Grey-Olive, Forest

*On the top row, the two lightest greens aren't in my palette, and I can see that they make me look very pale. The chartreuse is surprisingly flattering. I would never have picked that color for me - this is my daughter's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pjs shirt. 
*The bottom row has all recommended greens, and I think the recommendation is right on. Probably the Grey-Olive is the one I would be the most drawn to, but it's the least flattering of the three. It's educational for me that the ones with a little more yellow in them look better.


Light Turquoise, Light Bright Blue, Medium Blue
Navy and Gold Chambray, Dark Almost-Teal, Cobalt
Dark Navy, Smoky Blue, Chambray

*Blue is my favorite color, and I love to wear it. The only shades that are in my palette are Turquoise and Teal, but I like all of these pictured. Spring gets a few more blues, but most of them belong to Summer. 
*Well, maybe I'm an Autumn flowing into Summer, or maybe I just love blue, but I don't think I look bad in any of these colors and I'm going to keep wearing them. 
*I can see that some of them make my skin look more pale (especially that chambray in the bottom row), but it's worth it to add some extra bronzer or a stronger lipstick and wear my favorite color. 


Maroon, Dark Periwinkle
Light Periwinkle, Dark Magenta, Dark Purple 

*The only purple in my palette is Deep Periwinkle, and I do think that Dark Periwinkle on the top row looks good! I also think that maroon on the top left is great for me. 
* The worst one is Dark Purple, but the other two on the bottom row seem pretty good. 

For the most part, I think the colors I like to wear tend to look decent or good on me - yay! I'm sure many people figure out what looks good as they grow up, even if they never really think about it. It has been fun for me to learn about my recommended color palette, and I want to look further into makeup colors. 

I think it's cool that I can add yellow, orange, and yellowy greens to my options. I might not have tried them without this experiment.

I'm not going to follow my palette 100% because I like other colors, I think I look good in other colors, and I'm not always concerned with looking my absolute best. In my lines of work (stay-at-home-mom, blogger and work-from-home-editor) I don't really have to look impeccable all the time. But it's great to know what is most flattering on me. When I need to look my best, and feel the most confident, I'll know what to choose. 

In the past, I have occasionally chosen a color of clothing to buy just because I didn't already have anything that color. I thought buying a basic color would be boring and repetitive, but then I didn't end up wearing those interesting colors much. Now I doubt I'll do that again. I don't need clothes in every color - only the colors that I really want to wear (mostly the ones that look the best). 

Sometime maybe I'll take photos with a bunch of colors that look terrible on me: fuschia, hot pink, and icy pastels. I'm not sure if I want to post lots of intentionally unflattering photos, but I'll keep thinking about it.   

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