Thursday, September 17, 2015

Grey T-Shirt, Black A-Line Skirt and Blue Oxfords

Hey! Today I wore a simple t-shirt and skirt. These Pikolinos shoes are made of super-soft leather and they were perfectly comfortable as soon as I tried them on. They are working great for me.

This outfit would not be good for, say, crawling around with the kids at a playdate or something. The neckline on this shirt can become too revealing with that kind of movement, and of course a skirt calls for less rambunctious activity. So I took the kids for a treat (in their minds, anyway): a fast food lunch and then let them play in the kids' area while I sat calmly and watched. Tomorrow, when the high temp is expected to be just 70 degrees, I will wear play clothes and we will hit up a playground. 

I'm still working on my fall wardrobe. Here's a skirt that I tried but won't be keeping:

It's from J. Crew Factory. First, here are the problems: 

1. The fabric is wool/poly/viscose rayon and as soon as I put it on, my skin felt irritated. I'm pretty sensitive to some types of wool (and maybe "poly"). 

2. I think I would need to go down a size. It's a little wide on me. 

And here are the great things about it:

1. The color. Yep, it's grey, but up close, it has flecks of other colors woven in. 

2. The length and shape are great. I can imagine lots of cute outfits involving this skirt.

3. Great pockets. Have you ever experienced pockets that were too shallow, so stuff would just fall out? I have a coat like that, and I'm always having to worry about losing my gloves. Anyway, these pockets are the right shape and depth. 

So, I'm sending it back, but I looked at its construction and measured it so I can try to copy it in a me-compatible fabric. It will be a challenge to line it and put in nice pockets, but I'll give it a try. If it has to be unlined or have no pockets, so be it. I think the shape will be a great addition to my fall and winter wardrobe, so I want to make sure I sew it, even if that means sacrificing a lining and/or pockets. Sometimes just finishing the project is better than doing everything perfectly.