Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Search for Brown Oxfords

This fall, I suddenly felt like having some preppy oxford shoes. I wanted a pair of brown lace-ups, and after some online research, I decided to try these three pairs:


These are all from Pikolinos. I love the way they look, and I am having a great experience with my blue slip-on pair from that company. 

The top pair are called Royal and they look exactly like what I pictured when I decided that I wanted some oxfords. But the leather is pretty stiff and they hurt the backs of my ankles. I think they would break in fine, but I was disappointed after the instant comfort of my blue pair - I was hoping for the same soft leather. Also, their stiffness meant that it was harder to put them on and off. I had to loosen all the laces to get my feet in, then tighten them back up. I'm betting they would have loosened up a bit over time, but I want them to be perfect pretty much now.

The middle pair are the Calabria, and they are too soft! Holy cow, do I love these shoes. They look so cute, I love the metallic leather (and they come in other really nice non-metallic colors as well). The leather is so soft and comfy, I couldn't wait to try them on. But the super-soft, thin leather combined with the way they fit (tight across the tops of your feet) means that your toes are totally outlined through the leather. I could clearly see my toenails pressing against the top of the shoe, and I don't think it would have taken that long to wear holes right through the tops. Darn! Sadly, they went back.

The bottom pair are the Santorinis. This is the pair I kept. These are very soft, but the shoes are structured enough and designed so that your toes aren't pressing against the tops of the shoes. I love them! I wish they would have made them in the darker brown color of the top pair, but I like this sand color, too. This pair is pretty easy to put on and off. They don't lace up quite as high as the Royals, and the leather is more flexible.

Here's how they look on: 

Striped t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and tan oxfords.

What do you think? Do you ever hunt for the right pair of shoes like I do? 

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