Monday, September 28, 2015

Saturday, Sunday and Monday Outfits, September 2015

Hi everybody! Did you do anything fun over the weekend? We went to a fun sporting event: my 4-year old daughter scored four goals at her first soccer game of the season. It was so fun to watch her play! On Sunday, my sister and I celebrated our September birthdays with brunch and a leisurely shopping trip to a big fabric store. It was fantastic to shop with my sister and without our kids! Once in a while, it's nice to just be with an adult (especially when doing something that's boring for kids but fun for me). 

Black and white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and moccasins.

Grey Everlane t-shirt, navy cords and tan oxfords.

Clay tank, jean jacket, grey jeans and wallabys.

For the month of September, I'm still using my summer wardrobe plus I'm adding in fall pieces as needed. I've sort of been wearing whatever I want, and getting out extra shoes from storage, and it feels really fun! It will also be fun to put together a real wardrobe for the rest of fall. 

It's admittedly fun to have a lot of options, but are you familiar with the concept of decision fatigue? The idea is that every decision we make uses up part of our decision-making allotted energy for the day. If I have to use that energy first thing in the morning, I'll have less throughout the day and I might make worse decisions later. 

So having a great ready-made capsule wardrobe minimizes the decisions needed to get dressed and I can save that energy for later, when I have to decide to take care of a chore now instead of saving it for tomorrow, or choose to make a healthier snack instead of eating chips and queso. I might not have my fall wardrobe finalized by October 1st, but it will be ready early in October. 

What do you think about taking a break from capsuling once in a while? It's kind of fun to just do whatever I want, and interesting to see what I want to wear without having limits. I have noticed that I've been spending more time trying clothes on and changing to a different outfit. I don't like spending more time getting dressed, so it will be nice to have a capsule in place again. 

What's really fun is wearing whatever shoes I want! I'm going to think about only limiting my clothes and keeping all my shoes out. I haven't had a problem with changing shoes while I'm getting dressed. 

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