Friday, September 4, 2015

Thursday and Friday Outfits: September 2015

Hello, Friday! I spent yesterday's blogging time on organizing my sewing area - whoops! And I may have also been watching Project Runway. I always want to sew more when I see that show. They whip up entire outfits in a day or two of sewing (plus they have plenty of time to make snarky comments about each other's work).  

Yesterday's outfit was just Summer Capsule clothes: my octopus t-shirt, chambray skirt, and silver sandals.

Then today's outfit was super simple: a white t-shirt, my new denim A-Line skirt, and espadrilles. 

This weekend I hope to finish organizing my sewing stuff plus all the other things in that room. I have a space in our basement that houses my office, home gym, sewing, and all my other crafting and art supplies. I'm channeling KonMari to try to only keep what I really love. I also have to admit that a couple of projects that I started long ago will never be finished, and just get rid of them. But I bet I'll still have plenty of fabric, patterns, paints, yarn, etc... to keep me busy for years to come. 

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