Friday, September 11, 2015

White Tee, Grey Jeans and Naot Sandals

It's Friday! Do you have fun weekend plans? We're going to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine at the Railroad Museum. I hope to get some yard work done, too. I haven't been doing anything for my garden besides picking tomatoes and basil. 

Today's outfit is no surprise. It's my mom-of-little-kids uniform of jeans and a t-shirt. The shirt is from Everlane, and it just fits correctly, the seams don't twist around, it doesn't stretch out or shrink into a weird proportion, and it looks like a real shirt, not an undershirt. Every t-shirt should be this way, but so many from other companies are not. 

Then I added some ripped-knee grey boyfriend jeans and my summer sandals. If you wear distressed jeans, do you feel like you need to dress up a little so you don't look sloppy? I'm liking adding a necklace to such casual outfits. It's making feel more put-together and ready to be out in public. Since I've been using my cheap necklaces a lot, I think I might buy one that's a bit higher quality and more of the style that I like nowadays. I've seen a few good ones on Etsy, but I'm still thinking about it. Slowing down and waiting before buying things is hard at first, but it's becoming easier and easier with practice.  

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