Monday, October 26, 2015

Boots and Oxfords Outfits, Fall 2015

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Luckily my little boy was only really sick for one day. Phew! It is very draining to take care of, clean up after, and worry about a sick toddler. 

On Saturday, we went to our daughter's last soccer game of the season (now we can sleep in on Saturdays, if the kids will let us!). Later, the kids wore their costumes to a small Trunk or Treat. And we planned and got started on a house project, hanging up rows of hooks for our coats instead of piling them all on the coat rack and the banister. 

On Sunday I did some healthy cooking for the week, fit in a (sadly) rare workout, and sewed a skirt most of the way. I still have to add the button and button hole, plus hem the skirt. It shouldn't take too long to finish and hopefully I'll be wearing it this week.

And now for my recent outfits:

Navy sweater, red skirt and Frye boots. I feel like there are almost too many different colors in the outfit, but since navy, grey and camel are all neutrals, I think it works.

Clay tank, ivory cardigan, flared jeans and Frye boots. I think the proportions of this outfit are correct. The shorter sweater balances out the wide legs of the jeans. Sometimes a larger top with wide leg jeans can make an outfit seem too big.

Jersey dress, yellow cardigan and Frye boots. I really like the brightness of the yellow against a darker dress, tights, and boots. 

Flowered jersey dress, jean jacket and oxfords. I feel kind of weird about the dark tights and lighter shoes, but I see this kind of combo all over Pinterest and think it looks cute on other people. I'm often a slow adopter of new-to-me fashion, so it might take me a little longer to feel completely comfortable with this look.

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