Thursday, October 22, 2015

Boyfriend Jeans x 2

Aww man, my little son is sick. The good news is, the rest of us are fine... so far! I'm hoping he'll be able to eat something after his nap, and while he sleeps, I'll just keep washing towels and sheets and little clothes. Who knows, we might need them all again today. 

Grey cardigan, boyfriend jeans and camel boots. This one's kind of fun and different for me. I've never tried cuffed jeans with these boots before. I kind of like it.

Navy sweater, boyfriend jeans and sneakers. This outfit actually got transformed once I saw how the day was going. Easily-washable t-shirts (yes, I've had to change a few times!) have replaced the sweater, and I really don't need a necklace or a big watch today. 

Here's to good health! Enjoy it if you've got it. :)

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