Saturday, October 10, 2015

Skirts, Pants and Shoes for Fall 2015

Hi all, I've got the rest of my fall capsule wardrobe to share today. Here are the pants and skirts:
Skirts and Pants Fall 2015

Top row:
Black A-line skirt (no longer available)
Red skirt (no longer available)

Second row:

Bottom row:
Boyfriend jeans from Old Navy

And here are my shoes and boots:

I'm pretty excited about this wardrobe! I'm glad to have it settled, after wearing whatever I wanted during September. It was fun to feel free to wear all my shoes, but more than once I found myself struggling to decide what clothes to wear. A few days, I changed clothes multiple times before leaving the house. What a pain! 

I think eventually I'll stop counting how many clothes I have in my closet each season, but I hope I'll always remember how helpful it is to have a smallish wardrobe of clothes that work together and that fit me well and that I love to wear. It makes it easy to feel good about how I look, it's quicker to get dressed, and it's so nice to always wear clothes that I love. I'm still working on getting rid of all the filler from my closet and drawers. After a year of dressing with capsule wardrobes, I hope I can let go of a ton of extras this fall. I know that I don't need the filler clothes -- things that I don't like that much, or that don't fit quite right. I've proven to myself that I can dress just fine without them.

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