Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Sweaters, Fall 2015

Hi guys, it's getting to be sweater weather where I live, so my recent outfits are all pretty cozy.

Grey tank, ivory cardigan, ivory cords and sneakers. I wasn't sure about black shoes with these pants, so I did the obvious thing: try it! I think they're fine. If I had lighter colored sneakers in my capsule wardrobe (I'm picturing medium grey), I'd probably choose those instead, but I'm okay with these. 

Green sweater, flared jeans and camel boots. This sweater is pretty warm, so I definitely plan to keep wearing it through the winter. I like the silhouette of this outfit, even though I've said that I think big shirts with flared jeans can make too big of an outfit. I think the sweater's drape is what makes it work for me. Even though it's loose at the bottom, it's more fitted in the chest. It would look great with a really long necklace, I think. 

Grey tank, grey cardigan, flared jeans and sneakers. It's a fake twin set! Okay, so when I was talking to my husband about higher-waisted jeans, he told me that they make women's butts look weird. I don't want to post a close-up of mine, so I'll just say that I disagree. I think these Madewell jeans are pretty flattering. I like the pocket placement; I'm not ready for the full-on retro of high back pockets. Maybe that's what my husband was picturing?

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