Friday, October 16, 2015

White Tops x 2

Woo-hoo! It's Friday! I meant to post yesterday, but I've become hooked on knitting and I used up all my hobby time working on my first sweater. I have two outfits to share, one with white on top and one with ivory.

White button-down shirt from Anthropologie
Flared jeans from J. Crew Factory
Maroon clogs from Olsson

Thanks to my investigations into color theory, I know that pure white is not my best color, but I'm still going to wear this great shirt until it's worn out. In the future, when I have the chance to buy off-white tops instead, I probably will, but I doubt I'll ever completely give up pure white. 

Green tank from Old Navy
Ivory cardigan from Modcloth
Flared jeans from J. Crew Factory
Frye boots

So, same jeans with two different looks. I like the silhouette better here. The white shirt and the green tank actually have the same shape - loose fit, curved hems, untucked. But the short, fitted cardigan changes the overall shape of the 2nd outfit. It visually cuts a waistline in the outfit. I think with wide jeans, the shirt should maybe be more fitted, or tucked in, or belted, or have an upper layer that creates the look of a waistline - or be looser and more boho-flowy. A big, long shirt might just make too big of an outfit overall. My white button-down isn't big or long, but it's still not the best styling with these jeans. I'll keep playing around with different combos and see what I like the best. 

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