Saturday, November 14, 2015

Find Motivation for Getting Organized

Hi guys! After a summer of letting our house get a little messier and less organized, I've been feeling a strong need to pull it back together. Last week, I sorted all the kids' toys and put them away properly. I donated and threw away the less-played with toys, old Happy Meal prizes, and various other detritus. It was a great start. 

Of course we prefer it when our house is clean and everything is put away, but with small children it is tough to keep that up every day. I don't always have the energy + motivation combination to clean up completely after the kids are asleep. Sometimes all the toys get thrown into the same bin. Catalogs and kids' artwork get stacked up, to be sorted later. Gradually, things become messier and it seems harder and harder to get everything back in order. 

So how do you find the motivation to tackle a mess of toys, mail, and whatever else got set aside, to be dealt with later? The best motivation for cleaning up the main living areas is inviting friends over! Now that it's getting cold out, we want to have more indoor playdates. Some little kids get into everything they can reach, so it's nice to be organized before they come over. Otherwise, I might have to guard certain areas of the house or tell the kids a list of things they can't get into. I'd much rather talk to the other mom and let the kids play!

Next month we'll host a birthday party for our daughter, so we'll have quite a few people in the house. Also, in December we often have a cookie party and host a brunch. We definitely don't want to be embarrassed about our messy house or worried about kids getting into stuff during parties! We want to enjoy our guests and have fun. Stuff shouldn't hold us back from enjoying the good things.    

If you don't have kids to invite over, maybe you have a snoopy friend or family member to use as motivation. You know they'll look in your closets, so you can't hide all your junk in there. Better put it all away for real. And unlike with kid guests, you'll have to clean up high, too. Snoopy adults can reach the top drawers and see on top of the dresser. 

Sometimes having a deadline is great, since it gets you moving toward your goal instead of just thinking about getting organized or writing tasks on a to-do list. You can create a deadline for yourself. This time of year, playdates and parties give me a great reason to clean up, organize, and feel like our house is ready for company - and nicer for us. 

And some outfits:

Green striped tunic from Boden, leggings, and ankle boots.
This time I added a belt to this tunic, and I think the outfit made my legs look super long!

White button-down shirt, navy sweater, corduroy skirt (homemade), and Frye boots.
This look is pretty preppy for me, and it almost feels like a schoolgirl costume. But it was fun to try out a different look. It's also cool to see how many different styles can be made using the same small wardrobe. 

Ivory sweater, denim skirt, leggings, and ankle boots. Leggings are such a nice layering option as it's getting colder. I'm wondering where I put my fleece-lined leggings from last winter. I will be wanting them soon. 

Are you thinking about your winter wardrobe yet? I am considering trying something different this winter; maybe only choosing 20 pieces but then I can add whatever shoes I need, t-shirts for layering, and accessories. I think I would also leave an exception for party clothes (though I'd use mostly or all things that I already have). It might be fun to try a different way of using a capsule wardrobe. I have a couple more weeks to decide. Any thoughts?

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