Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Red Sweatshirt, Boyfriend Jeans and Vans

Hi guys, last night I did okay on my attempt to get more sleep. My fitbit says I slept for 7 hours and 47 minutes - that's pretty great for me! I'd love to get at least 8 hours most nights, and that's the goal that I'm working toward. 

Tonight I'm up too late, and I'm looking at my laptop, which I'm not supposed to do since the blue light of screens can interfere with falling asleep. I can still get 8 hours in if I go to sleep really soon, so I'll try to make that happen. 

This outfit has another homemade sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, and Vans. I am loving sewing clothes that I want to wear a lot - it feels so much more useful and worth the effort if I'm going to wear something a lot. I have sewn fancier, fun dresses several times in the past, and I rarely wore them. It was fun to make them, BUT. Right now I feel like I want to use my precious hobby time on something that I can use a lot. I'm also thinking about what I want in my wardrobe and my closet, and I don't really want to add a lot of clothes that I won't wear. I'm sure I will sew fun dresses again, but for the moment, my focus has shifted to everyday wear.

Last fall and winter, I noticed that I didn't have a great sweatshirt that fit how I wanted. When I was thinking about my wardrobe for this fall, I knew I wanted at least one sweatshirt and some super-comfy pants. I have a pattern and fabric to make the pants. They might end up being only for lounging around the house, but I hope they will look nice enough to be casual pants that can be out in public. I'll let you know how they turn out. 

But now, I've got to read myself to sleep. I might finally finish the Maisie Dobbs novel I've been reading forever: A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear. The author's name sounds like this must be a romance novel*, but the books are historical fiction mysteries starring a female investigator in the 1930s. I think this is the 10th in the series, and I definitely recommend them. 

*Maisie does have a couple of romances, but the writing is decidedly un-racy. 

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