Monday, November 30, 2015

The End of My Fall Wardrobe

Hi everybody, today is the last day of November and the last day of my fall wardrobe. I'm going to keep a lot of the same clothes in my winter capsule, since I was happy with most of them. I think I only bought two new shirts (I'll tell you for sure tomorrow when I have the whole thing ready to share). I'm rotating in clothes that I already owned and had in the back of my closet. My warmest sweaters and fleece leggings are being welcomed back into my capsule wardrobe , and it is so nice to see my old favorites from years past. 

Are you getting out your winter clothes? 

Here are my last few fall outfits:

Grey tank top, yellow cardigan, flared jeans and grey Frye boots. As always, I love layering! I also love the combination of grey and yellow. 

White button-down shirt, black A-line skirt and grey Frye boots. I think I've said it before, but it bears repeating: this style of skirt is so forgiving if you eat a lot or are bloated. You can just wear it higher up on your waist to have more room, or lower on your hips if that's how it fits that day. It always accentuates the waist while allowing you to be comfortable. 

Green sweater, navy cords and grey Frye boots. I love longer shirts and sweaters right now! If I bend over to pick up a kid or a million toys, I never have to worry about my shirt riding up in back and showing off my underwear. 

I'm wearing boots a lot right now since it's cold and snowy here. I put some terry cloth insoles into these and they are now super comfortable. 

I'll see you tomorrow with my winter capsule!

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