Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wine Blouse, Black Jeans and Moccasins

It's the night before Thanksgiving. Are you ready? We have such a low-key day planned, I'm not stressing at all. Today I baked our pumpkin and apple pies. I dug up potatoes from the yard and washed them. Tomorrow we'll cook potatoes, stuffing, and vegetables. Jason will grill the steaks (or I'll broil them if the weather is bad, which is predicted to be the case). 

I'm thankful for our laid-back version of Thanksgiving! It suits us very well to be cozy inside with our little family, while the weather outside might be frightful. I hope everyone who isn't staying home has safe travels! 

Wine blouse, black jeans and moccasins - perfect for staying inside. If I were going out in the cold, I'd wear boots instead! I always have cold feet and it makes my whole self shivery cold. That's why it's worth it for me to buy cute boots and warm socks (Smartwools are great). What about you?  Do you mind having cold feet or ankles? Are cute flats or heels worth being cold?

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