Friday, November 20, 2015

Wine Shirt, Copper Skirt and Ankle Boots

Hi guys! How's your Friday? We're having a cozy one at our house. This morning started out cool, but it got colder and colder all day long, and then it was windy and then it started snowing. We were so glad to get home after preschool, turn on the fireplace, and get warmed up. The cat has been firmly parked next to the fire all afternoon and evening, and we've stayed pretty close, too. It felt nice to be snuggled up inside and not have to go back out in the cold.

Good thing it's been such an enjoyable day, since it's been a LONG one. I went to bed earlier last night, thinking, "I'm going to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep tonight!" I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly until 5:16, when my little boy woke up (two hours early!). A minute later, my daughter was up, too. They never could fall back to sleep, so I wasn't allowed to sleep, either. It feels like some sort of lesson about trying to let go of control: even when I do what I can to reach my goal of getting enough sleep, sometimes it's just not going to happen. 

I'll be trying again tonight! I could definitely fall asleep right now, at 8:00, but I've got to get the kids in bed first. Then after they're asleep, I'll probably get my second wind and want to stay up too late! Oh well, I'll just do my best. 

Wine t-shirt, copper corduroy skirt and ankle boots. This is a skirt I made this fall, and I really like the color. I think it could go with any fall colors - and I just got the idea to try it out with green. I'll let you know how it works.

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