Monday, December 14, 2015

All Jeans - Winter 2015

Hi guys! I hope you had a good weekend! We continue to have minor sicknesses, which is very common in a household with little kids. Colds make kids clingy, which means I end up sitting around more than I'd like, but cuddling my kids is a great thing, too. I've also been finishing up my Christmas shopping, thinking about wrapping and mailing presents, addressing cards to mail, and planning to finish some homemade gifts. I think I still have enough time to do everything I want to do, but I'm probably going to have to get organized and determined to finish everything in time. 

But for now, we could just look at some outfits:

Red sweatshirt (homemade), black jeans, and camel boots. Super casual and one of my uniforms.

Red ruffle shirt, ivory cardigan, flared jeans, and fringe boots. Hey, this one's a little dressy! And festive. Yet it's still comfy and down-to-earth. The only drawback is that I'm supposed to hand wash the red shirt. It won't take long, but it's something I'm not in the habit of doing, so it will take a special effort. I really like it so I think it will be worth it. 

Green tunic, black jeans, and tan oxfords. Here's another version of my comfortable uniform.

Blue sweater, black jeans, and grey Frye boots. What did I used to wear before I bought these black jeans? I'm finding them to be very useful and versatile this fall and winter. I wonder if I will love them for spring and summer. 

I hope your week is off to a good start! Remember to take time for yourself and don't let the holidays cause too much stress. Take some shortcuts to save yourself a few decisions, if you can. Here are a few ideas:

1. Try a capsule wardrobe just for a couple weeks. Or even just plan out a week's outfits at one time. Hang up the components together in the front of your closet and move everything else to the side. Then you don't have to decide what to wear in the morning. 

2. Pick one breakfast and eat the same thing every morning so you don't have to think about it. Make it healthy to get your day off to a good start! You can change it up after a week or two, depending on when/if you get bored. 

3. Plan dinners for the week that will all have leftovers, so that every other night you don't have to cook anything.