Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ivory Sweater, Black Jeans and Grey Boots

I only wore this outfit part of the day, when I was inside.

Ivory sweater, black jeans and grey Frye boots. 

For the outdoor portion of the day, I wore fleece leggings under loose jeans, waterproofed riding boots, tank top, long-sleeved shirt, long warm coat, knitted hat, scarf, and gloves. 
My face was still freezing, but the rest of me was warm. 

We got a good snowstorm last night and today! With help from the wind blowing the snow around, there's a foot of snow around our house. The whole family went out to shovel (and our great neighbor used his snowblower to clear most of the driveway!). I brought my phone out to take pictures of the kids playing in the snow and working hard with their little shovels. There are quite a few shots of them sticking out their tongues to catch snowflakes. Then I set my phone down on my husband's truck while I did some shoveling. A little while later, I was hustling the kids inside while my husband was going to drive in to work, and my dare-devil phone went for a ride with him. 

I realized it was missing after we'd been inside for a few minutes, and looked all over the house, my stomach sinking because I thought it was probably broken in the road somewhere. I grabbed my laptop to use Android Device Manager to track my phone's location and was relieved that it was still near our house instead of on a busy street! Almost no one was driving on our street, so maybe it hadn't been run over. 

The tracking program will make your phone ring at full blast for 5 minutes, so I turned that on and went out searching for it. I didn't find it the first time, and I had to go in to feed my kids. Then I didn't find it the second time, and I had to feed myself. 

For my third try, it was particularly blizzardy outside, and I almost gave up looking, but then I thought about how great it was to have a reason to be outside on such a beautiful day, sort of playing in the snow. I had an awesome warm coat that I bought last year from Land's End, and I was warm enough even though it was only about 20 degrees and windy out. If I never found my phone, I still had my old one and could easily use that one instead. 

And then I heard the quietest refrain of the annoying, weird country song that is my default ringtone (why didn't I change it yet?) My phone! I searched and searched the street, kicking up snow all around me and probably entertaining my neighbors. Finally it got a little louder and I found it under about an inch of new snow, right in front of my driveway. It has a white cover and was lying facedown, so it was well camouflaged. But we were reunited at last, and it still works!  

It's so great when something bad can turn out well. I also had a chance to think about what is saved on my phone, and what would be lost. Really, I wouldn't lose anything! All my photos, emails and contact information are saved in the cloud. So even though I'm pretty hooked on using my phone, I don't really need that particular phone. Of course I can't just buy another $500 phone, but I could get used to my old one again pretty easily. It's nice to feel less attached to my stuff, after the initial panic of losing it. It's just stuff. 

But remember to back up your photos and other important stuff! ;)

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