Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Capsule: Winter 2015 - 2016

Woo-hoo! It's new capsule time. I really liked my fall wardrobe, but I'm excited for a new one. It's always nice to have more variety and to get out my old favorites from storage. One thing I noticed in my fall wardrobe was I had too many black shoes. I wished for a lighter colored pair of sneakers or ankle boots. This time I decided to add both navy and green sneakers. I still have my maroon clogs and brown, grey and black boots. Hopefully I'll have what I need to make the outfits I want to wear! 

That's always my hope, and I always think I could have done something better with each capsule. That's okay. Life isn't about being perfect. Thinking about what I'll need, trying to plan well and doing my best is good enough. Being able to roll with imperfections and just have fun is the best I can do.

And now here are my shoes for the winter:

Shoes Winter 2015 - 2016

Shoes Winter 2015 - 2016 by tonya-kitchel featuring clarks boots

Some of these photos are my exact shoes and some are similar (if mine are no longer for sale).

Maroon clogs (similar)
Green Kangaroos (similar)
Clarks fringe ankle boots (these are cute)
Grey Frye boots (the same style in black)

I chose warm boots for cold weather, leather boots that won't be ruined by snow and slush, sneakers for when it's not too snowy, and cute clogs and oxfords for dry sidewalks or mostly indoor days. Hopefully I've covered most of what I'll want for the next few months.

Here are the pants, skirts, and dresses I chose this time:

Pants & Dresses - Winter 2015 - 2016

Pinstriped pants
Black A-Line skirt
Red skirt
Red sweater dress
Denim dress

For this winter, I want skinny jeans and leggings that will tuck into boots and be pretty smooth under tunics and long sweaters. I included the pinstripe pants so I can be a little fancy sometimes without wearing a dress. My three dresses/tunics should be versatile. The sweater dress is sleek enough to layer a cardigan on top, the denim dress can go over leggings or under sweaters, and the tunic can be loose or belted.

I'm also going to be wearing plain leggings and tights that I'm not counting as part of my 40 items. I have some fleece-lined leggings that are great to layer under dresses or skirts on cold days! 

And here are my tops and sweaters:

Shirts and Sweaters, Winter 2015-2016

Red ruffle shirt

Wine blouse
Polka dot top
Black and white tunic
White button-down shirt

Blue funnel-neck sweater
Charcoal sweater tunic
Green pocket sweater (now only in petite sizes)
Cream turtleneck sweater

Brown cardigan
Aztec cardigan
Ivory cardigan

For my shirts and sweaters, I want to have layering options. Sometimes it is warm inside the house or other places I go and I don't want to feel overheated in a wool turtleneck that I can't take off. I get cold easily, so I love to have a presentable shirt underneath a sweater - I can bundle up or remove a layer as needed. I also want some variety, so I have red, wine, blue and yellow in addition to my neutrals. I included a variety of materials and shapes so I don't feel like I'm wearing the same thing every day. 

Also, I wanted the ability to show a little clavicle sometimes, or some wrist. :) Being covered from neck to hand all winter can feel kind of unsexy, and it's nice to have options. Button-down shirts can be buttoned up higher or lower, and I included v-neck and scoopneck shirts. My undershirts have crew necks, v-necks and u-necks, too. Necklines that are a little lower can also make it easier to wear necklaces, which can brighten up an outfit (and a day!) with something shiny. 

I'll also feel free to wear plain tank tops or t-shirts under all my tops. I'm not buying more basics; I'm just using things that I already have. That feels right to me, even though it means I'm wearing more than 40 items. That number is a great guideline for me, but not a set-in-stone rule. Adding "free" basics to my capsule makes it seem more fun and easier to stick with. I did that with my fall wardrobe and I really liked how it worked for me. 

If you feel like you want or need to stick to a strict number, go ahead! Make the capsule wardrobe idea work for you. It's great to read what someone else does and use that as a starting point, but personalize it as needed. 

What do you think? Did I miss something that I should have included? Do you think I'll regret using so many spots for cardigans? (I don't :) )

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