Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Weekend Before Christmas

Hi guys! How is your end-of-year to-do list looking? I've made sugar cookies (they taste good but did not hold their shapes -what did I do differently from last year?). The kids and I made ice lanterns (fill balloons with water and freeze. Then just sit them on top of battery-powered tea lights in the snow). I've finished making and wrapping all my presents (there will be a couple toys to assemble on Thursday night, and stockings to fill). We've watched Christmas movies and cartoons (I always suggest Elf and sometimes they humor me). We've listened to Christmas music and read Christmas books. Our Elves on the Shelf have played some tricks, brought some treats, and dressed up as super heroes. We went sledding. So I think we've covered a lot of bases. 

Still remaining to do: 
  • Send a few more cards. 
  • Ice those cookies and deliver some to friends. I think we will also make this dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn to share with friends. 
  • Look at more holiday decorations and lights.
  • Have the kids choose more toys to donate to other kids.
  • Make the Every Day in December scrapbook/photo album for which I've been taking photos.

And now how about some recent outfits?

Blue sweatshirt (homemade), jeans and Roos sneakers. I'm already looking back on this outfit and thinking that the skinny ankles look a little too skinny. Maybe it just feels proportionally off with sneakers? 

White t-shirt, brown cardigan, black jeans and camel boots. So this sweater turned out to be frumpier than I thought. I didn't feel frumpy wearing it, but looking at the photos, it's getting a fairly high reading on the frumpometer. I'm not going to stop wearing it, but I'll be keeping that in mind as I choose what to wear. Some days I like to be frumpy and look like a grandpa at the library (picture this outfit with oxfords instead of boots!). But it's good to know that I look like that rather than dressing that way unintentionally.

Red ruffle shirt, grey cardigan, skinny jeans and grey boots. Here's a pretty casual holiday outfit. The top is easy to wear but adds a dressy, festive element to the outfit. I love balancing that with jeans.

Faux-suede dress, leggings and fringe ankle boots. I sewed this dess, inspired by one from Aritzia. It's lined with the same faux-suede fabric so it's really soft and cozy. I hate to be cold, and the suede helps keep me warm even with bare arms and an open neckline. At some point I may add patch pockets, but I like the simplicity of it as-is. 

I hope your weekend has been fun! Is tomorrow the shortest day of the year? Do you do anything to mark it? I think I will teach the kids about it this year. It's nice to think that the days will soon start growing longer again! I wonder why we don't have the new year start at the solstice. It seems like a good time to have a fresh start. I'm going to renew my exercise habit, aiming to do something every day, and at least 30 minutes of dedicated exercise 3 days a week. That seems doable for me and then I can increase my time when I'm ready.

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