Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Outfits and Goals

Wine tank top, brown cardigan, black jeans and camel boots.

Blue sweatshirt (homemade), flared jeans and Roos sneakers.

Green striped tunic, leggings and camel boots.

Happy New Year! I hope you all had fun celebrating and woke up feeling well on New Year's Day.  :) 

Did you make any resolutions or set any goals? I did.

1. Generally, I want to keep decluttering and make our home easy to clean. Less stuff makes it easier to put everything away. It's easier to get down to surfaces if they're not covered with stuff. I'm not looking for a spartan, empty white space. I like cozy, kitschy places. But I have plenty of stuff I can let go. 

2. I want to make a better balance between taking good care of my family AND taking good care of myself. I need to go to checkups with my doctors, exercise, and prepare healthy food. I need to have time to read and write. I need to be creative! I will try to incorporate the kids into as much of that as possible, but I also really need time to myself. I'll be trying to figure out how I can best go about getting all of that. 

I think each of my kids got two full years(!!) of my attention, and then last year I didn't feel like I had enough fun with them. I said so many times, "I'll play with you in a few minutes, when I'm done with this." This year I want to play more AND have more time for my stuff. 

And the rest, I wrote about in this post so I'll just list them:

3. Eat well

4. Exercise enough

5. Sleep more

6. Get up early

7. Read 45 books

8. Write a short story

9. Write a poem

10. Spend very little money

11. Use up what I have (don't just collect things and save them for later)

I'll be working on all of these, and I'm sure I won't do perfectly at anything, but I'll do my best. Did you set any goals for 2016?

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