Thursday, January 21, 2016

Boots and Beaches

Hi everybody, I hope your week is going well. I've been stomping around in boots but thinking about ordering some new sandals! We are planning a beachy vacation - my first ever. I've been to the beach; I've dipped my toe in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico. But I've never stayed at a resort and hung out on the beach while drinking a fruity drink, and I'm pretty excited to do it! This will be the first time we fly with our kids, and the first time they need their passports. It will be an undertaking, but I hope it will be well worth the effort. 

I'm trying to manage my expectations, but I continue to daydream of reading a book on the beach while sipping some pineapple-rummy concoction with an umbrella in it. In case you don't have small kids, the truth is that you can't trust them near the water without near-constant supervision. So, there will be no book-reading unless Jason explicitly agrees to be on kid-watching duty for a while. It could happen! I'm sure I will bring a book or two - or my kindle with several unread books available. 

I'm trying not to break my New Year's goal of being super thrifty, but I keep thinking of vacation clothes that I "need." I will be unpacking all my summer clothes until I find casual dresses and something to wear over my swimsuit on the way to the beach or pool. Yes, I could wear anything at all, but I'd love to wear something that makes sense and feels right. I'm sure I have something that will work. 

I'm still working on resisting some new waterproof sandals. Do you ever have an earworm that's an item of clothing instead of a song? How do you get rid of it? Probably meditation, but I haven't been doing that. 

I'll tell you if I succeed in resisting or if I succumb to the lure of new shoes. In the meantime, here are a couple of outfits:

Green sweater, skinny jeans, and grey Frye boots. 

Polka dot top, boyfriend jeans, and camel Fryes. These boots are a bit slippery on the snow, but every time I see them, I want to put them on. They're so handsome.

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