Friday, January 8, 2016

Goals Check-In, Socks with Clogs, and a PJ Shirt

Hi guys! How are your New Year's resolutions/goals/plans going? I'm doing okay with mine. I'll go through my list quickly to see what needs more attention:

1. Decluttering. I haven't done much yet. As I put away our Christmas decorations, I'm getting rid of stuff that I don't like, so I won't have to look at it again next year. There were some cheap ornaments that I bought a few years ago and don't really like. Those are now gone. We had FOUR strands of lights that would only light up halfway this year. Replacing bulbs did not solve the problem, so I threw them away. I think those were about 10 years old, and maybe that's how long they last. I'm also trying to keep only a few things that the kids made, but that one's tough. 

2. Take care of myself AND give good attention to the kids. I'm trying to turn off the tv and put down my phone and spend more time playing with the kids. It will have to be a gradual process since going cold turkey and completely turning off all screens makes us all crazy! It will be worth the effort, but may take a while.

3. Eat well. I'm doing well at eating more healthy foods and fewer unhealthy foods. I've been tracking my calories for a few days and it's amazing how easy it is to eat WAY too much! 

I'd gotten used to having a beer or two after the kids went to bed, which led to lots of snacking. I think I'm over the worst of it, but it was really hard to give up that nightly beer. For me, it's symbolic of finally being (mostly) off-duty when the kids are asleep. But I can wind down in better ways. I'm drinking tea or kombucha instead. Kombucha is especially effective at replacing beer since it has that yeasty taste and a little fizz. 

I'm trying to eat an apple as my nighttime snack, if I need one. When you know that all you're getting is an apple, it's easier to determine if you're really hungry or just want to eat for some other reason. 

4. Exercise enough. I'm following Cathe Friedrich's ICE DVDs level one rotation, but I've taken extra rest days. Sometimes I don't have the energy to work out (eating better should keep helping with that!) and sometimes it's just hard to get it done with the kids. If I'd get up early, I could exercise before the kids get up, and I wouldn't have that excuse! Anyway, as I'm doing each workout for the second or third time, I can already tell that I'm getting stronger and can use heavier weights. I love being able to see measurable progress! I also want to add in 10 minutes of stretchy yoga and/or meditation each day, but haven't been doing it yet.

5. Sleep more. I slept 8.5 hours last night, but before that I only got around 6 hours each night. 

6. Get up early. Nope.

7. Read 45 books. I'm reading a couple of paper books and one e-book, plus listening to an audio book. I haven't finished any yet this year.

8. Write a short story. Nope.

9. Write a poem. Nope.

10. Spend very little money. I'm doing that, but I haven't stopped thinking about how I want to spend my allowance next month. Breaking that habit of imaginary spending and wasting time looking at stuff online will be great! It's such a dumb use of my time and energy.

11. Use up what I have. I haven't made any particular progress on this front, but I also haven't bought unneeded duplicates, so this one's going okay.

How about you? Are you checking up on your goals yet?  

And a couple outfits:

Wine tank, brown cardigan, boyfriend jeans, socks and clogs. I'm trying out stripey socks with my clogs and I like it. I wondered if socks would make my feet slip around in these, but they don't. The socks are thin but much warmer than wearing no socks. Thick ones might stretch out the leather and I don't want that - I mostly wear these shoes in warmer weather without socks, so I want them to fit with bare feet. I think the stripes look cute with these shoes. So the socks and clogs experiment is a success!

Ivory sweater, black jeans and cozy Toms boots. This outfit's super cozy and comfy. Bodhi's wearing his favorite BB-8 pajama shirt and jersey-lined pants. :)