Monday, January 25, 2016

January Challenges

Hi all, how is January going for you? Last week got a little rough around here. Jason was out of the country for over a week, leaving the kids and me to fend for ourselves. We did well until the 7th night, when I ran out of patience. Also, we all started to feel a little sick and now we have colds. So we're tired and grumpy sometimes and we are so happy to have Jason back home! Still, I have heard, "No, mommy do it!" too many times, but at least he can help some. I'm so glad to have a partner in this parenting gig!

And here are some recent outfits, with my black jeans in heavy rotation:

Wine tee, yellow cardigan, black jeans, and grey Fryes. I love how this sweater brightens up the dark colors that I tend to wear in the winter.

Black and white tunic, black jeans, and Toms boots. 

Chambray shirt, grey cardigan, black jeans, striped socks, and oxfords. 

Navy sweatshirt tee, brown cardigan, jeans, and camel Fryes. I love wearing this oversized sweater, but when I see the photos, sometimes it just looks dumpy.  I don't know if I'll keep it in my closet after this winter is over. I know I always want a loose cardigan to throw on over outfits, but maybe it needs to come in more at the waist instead of being a grandpa sweater. 

re: the sandals I'm debating buying for our upcoming beach vacation, I have not bought them. I did get out all my sandals to see what I have that can survive getting wet. (I have leather sandals that I wouldn't want to wear to a pool or beach). I do have some really cheap ones that can get wet, but I'd love to feel a little bit more chic than $1.99 foamy plastic shoes. Yes, I want to be chic while probably carrying a toddler and a bunch of sunscreen and towels and sand toys and snacks. Doesn't that sound fancy to you? I'll think about it a little longer. Many times, waiting makes a shopping urge fade away.

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