Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Skinny Jeans, Wide Leg Pants, Tucked and Cuffed

Hi guys! I have a few outfits to share today, all with different styles of pants or ways to wear them. Right now, there are so many fashionable styles of jeans and pants - different lengths, widths, and shapes. I love it! It's fun to play around with different widths of cuffs and showing off ankles or patterned socks. You can make so many different silhouettes but still just wear jeans and a simple top. 

White button-down, grey cardigan, black skinny jeans and oxfords. I like how these striped socks look with black jeans and oxfords. I originally wanted a pair of oxfords that were darker brown, but this pair was extremely comfortable and the darker ones were very stiff. I decided to change the very light colored laces to darker, maroon ones to make them feel a little more appropriate for the darker clothes I like to wear in fall and winter. 

Black tank, aztec sweater, wide leg pinstriped pants, and oxfords. Here, I think the tan shoes make this mostly-black outfit less boring. 

Flannel shirt, boyfriend jeans tucked into Toms boots. This outfit makes me feel cozy yet lumberjacky. I'm ready to be warm and lazy inside or go out and do wintry yardwork. If you want to buy an American-made shirt from Tradlands, you can use my discount link to save $25 (and I'll get some store credit - thanks!). 

Blue sweater, boyfriend jeans, and Roos sneakers. Here I cuffed my jeans to show off my cute socks. 

What about you? Do you stick with one style of pants or play with all of the options?

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