Monday, January 4, 2016

The Missing Tunic

Hi guys, how is 2016 treating you so far? Today was a good day for my resolutions. I ate well, exercised, and played with the kids. I still have plenty of time to get to bed early, so I plan to get enough sleep tonight. 

Here are two outfits, each including something I made myself last year:

White t-shirt, yellow cardigan, corduroy skirt (homemade), and clogs. I definitely want to make a denim version of this skirt, too. There are so many things I'd like to make!

Splatter tunic (homemade), leggings, and grey Frye boots. I made this top in September, I think, and then I promptly misplaced it. I was so mad! I looked everywhere for it and finally found it late in December. It turns out, I had put it in my sewing area, folded up with another shirt that needs to be altered. This one still needs its sleeves hemmed, so it totally makes sense that I put it by my sewing machine. 

Unfortunately, I was in no rush to fix the shirt that was hiding this one, so I never looked at it to find this one. Since this is a jersey knit, it won't fray, so I could have been wearing it with unhemmed sleeves throughout the fall. It will look a little nicer when it's done, and the sleeves will be bracelet length instead of "are those sleeves too short on purpose?" length. 

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