Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wine Blouse, Flared Jeans and Fringe Boots

Hi guys, today I was thinking about how I used to have so much more self-discipline. I'd decide to do something and then I'd just do it. Now I research and make plans, and get started and then... get distracted or give up and veer off course. So I'm going to try to make life really simple in a couple ways. 

I'm going to simplify my diet for a while. I'll just choose a couple breakfasts and eat one or the other every day. Then I'll have my green smoothie (spinach, banana, and frozen berries). I'll have a couple choices for lunch, and a few options for dinner. Whenever I get tired of something, I'll just replace that option with a different recipe. 

I'm also going to simplify my workouts by planning to follow the Cathe ICE DVD rotation. If I don't feel up to that day's scheduled workout, or if I run out of time, I'll have a short default option planned. I've been sort of stuck on doing the next workout in the rotation: Bootcamp. Often those workouts have a lot of jumping and up + down movements, like burpees. I haven't been feeling 100% this week, so I didn't want to do any burpees, so I skipped working out. Dumb. Just do something easier, but still do something! (Today I did a workout that was all about lying on the floor and burning the legs and glutes to a crisp - even though it hurt, it still felt nice to lie down!)

I'm not going to read anything about food or exercise (subjects I love studying) for a while. I'm just going to stick with my plans. I'll try to simplify those two areas of my life, like I have my wardrobe. Too many options can make it difficult to do anything, and I think limiting my options will make it easier to just follow my plans. No second-guessing, no distractions. It's a capsule menu for food and a capsule menu for workouts. Of course I'll let you know how I do. 

Today's outfit is simple, but not boring. The loose blouse has a great drape and a nice burgundy color. It shows some neck and wrists, breaking up the dark colors a bit. The flared jeans make an interesting silhouette. It's easy, but good.

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